What is the all up weight of a trailer with 2 axles or more that is designed for transporting a container of any size?

  • Not less than 29,000 kg.
  • At least 25,000 kg.
  • Not more than 28,000 kg.
  • At least 30,000 kg.
Category : Rules and Regulations


From which side are we permitted to overtake another vehicle?

  • It is permitted from either its right or left side.
  • From its right side, provided that we maintain reasonable speed.
  • Only from its right side.
  • Only from its left side.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the order of actions the driver needs to take before slowing down?

  • Step firmly on the brake pedal, to inform the driver behind you began to slow down.
  • Give a hand signal to the driver behind, glance at the mirror to see his response and slow down.
  • Turn your head backwards, step on the brake pedal to slow down and finally take a quick look at the mirrors.
  • Glance at the mirrors, ease off the accelerator pedal and use the brakes or gears.
Category : Safety


What is the minimum time requirement of having a driving license in order to drive a tractor with an own weight exceeding 3,200 kg, or that is joined with a trailer that has an all up weight exceeding 4,000 kg?

  • Two years from the date of obtaining a tractor driving license.
  • 6 months from the date of obtaining a tractor driving license.
  • 3 months from the date of obtaining a tractor driving license.
  • One year from the date of obtaining a tractor driving license.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the minimum age requirement for obtaining a Class 1 license?

  • 19 years.
  • 16 years.
  • 18 years.
  • 17 years.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is indicated by the following traffic sign?

  • Roundabout ahead.
  • Active fountain.
  • It is also permitted to drive against the direction of traffic.
  • The driver must make a U-turn.
Category : Traffic Signs


Explain the term “axle” in a vehicle:

  • Shaft or system of drive shafts running the width of the vehicle, on which the wheels are installed.
  • The drive shaft that transmits the rotary motion from the gearbox to the differential.
  • A line along the vehicle, from bumper to bumper, which runs parallel to the vehicles longitudinal axis.
  • The back beam of the chassis, to which the towing pin of the truck tractor is connected.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Where is it permitted to park LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) fuelled vehicles?

  • In LPG-Vehicle permitted parking lots, according to the directions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • In regular parking lots designated for gasoline vehicles.
  • In parking lots designated for private passenger cars only.
  • In LPG-Vehicle permitted parking lots, according to the directions of the Vehicle’s importer.
Category : Safety


When you approach an intersection and the a traffic light starts flashing green.

  • It is a sign that the traffic light is out of order and you should follow the instructions of the road signs that are placed there.
  • There is no difference between flickering-green and green light; hence, there is no need to pay special attention to it.
  • It is a sign that the green light is about to change in three seconds.
  • It is a sign that the light turned green a short time ago and you can continue driving.
Category : Traffic Signs


When are you required to turn on the direction indicators and signal?

  • When you approach a railway crossing or a pedestrian crossing.
  • Only before a sharp curve.
  • Only when you make left hand turns in intersections.
  • When you are about to start driving or to turn your vehicle, or to deviate from your lane.
Category : Rules and Regulations


According to the following road signs, what are we expected to come across following the next left turn?

  • A pedestrian crossing.
  • An intersection with traffic lights.
  • An entrance to an urban road.
  • A level crossing.
Category : Traffic Signs


Are you obliged to vacate your bus seat for a handicapped person, when bus seats have been marked and reserved in advance?

  • Yes, a handicapped person’s spot on a bus is always assured.
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Yes - on special rides only.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which of the following signs indicate a single track level crossing?

  • 130
  • 128
  • 133
  • 134
Category : Traffic Signs


After which of the following road signs is it prohibited to overtake (for a distance of about 100 meters)?

  • 132
  • 307
  • 130
  • 135
Category : Traffic Signs


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a municipal inspector in uniform?

  • No. It is only obligatory to obey as regards to parking directions within city limits
  • No. It is only obligatory to obey as regards to the presentation of a driver’s license
  • Usually not
  • Yes, if the directions are related to traffic control.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the function of the tractor’s differential lock?

  • To assist when one of the tractor’s wheels sinks or skids.
  • To assist in maintaining driving direction while driving on a straight road.
  • To prevent the tractor from slipping in sharp turns.
  • To assist during emergency braking.
Category : Safety


How should you turn left from a road on which the following sign is placed?

  • You should start turning from the central lane.
  • From the left side, unless otherwise signposted.
  • You should turn from the far right lane.
  • It is forbidden to turn left. You are only allowed to drive forward.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the proven and recommended method for keeping proper distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?

  • Drive as similarly as possible to the drivers in the adjacent right and left lanes,.
  • The “two-second count” method.
  • Vehicle length and engine volume method.
  • Estimating a reasonable distance between yourself and the vehicle driving in front.
Category : Safety


When a driver is approaching a high point or a place in which his field of vision is obstructed, he should:

  • Continue driving in normal speed.
  • Turn on the four winkers (distress lights) to warn other drivers.
  • Drive faster and use the road’s “hard shoulders”.
  • Slow down and drive at a reasonable speed, which corresponds with his field of vision.
Category : Rules and Regulations


At the junction marked and signposted as in the diagram, what is the correct way to turn right from road B to C?

  • From lane 7 to 6.
  • From lane 8 to 6.
  • From lane 7 to 6 or5.
  • From lane 7 or 8 to 6 or 5.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to load suitcases onto the passenger deck of a bus?

  • Yes, but only when there is no more space in the luggage compartment of the bus.
  • Yes, at the driver’s discretion, and only in a place that will not cause disturbance and allow clear passage for passengers.
  • No.
  • Yes, it is obligatory to load suitcases onto the passenger deck.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What risks are expected whilst driving on a mountain road?

  • Engine heating due to excessive use of the brakes.
  • Loss of braking ability and head-on collision. Difficulty yo pull off the road.
  • Tire overheating.
  • Loosening of a wheel due to the roads steep slope.
Category : Safety


Which of the following traffic signs alerts that another road is about to merge with the roadway in which you are driving?

  • 124
  • 145
  • 620
  • 725
Category : Traffic Signs


What are the advantages of looking far ahead?

  • Looking far ahead extends the braking distance and enhances safety.
  • Obtaining all the information required for planning the drive according to the road’s conditions and avoiding surprises.
  • Forward is the only important direction for drivers, and therefore they should look straight ahead.
  • It allows you to engage in other activities at the same time, such as searching for an address in the GPS.
Category : Safety


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a military policeman, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

  • Yes, it is obligatory to obey with full caution.
  • Yes, except for directions which contradict a no-entry sign.
  • No, it is not obligatory to obey
  • Yes, except for directions which contradict a stop sign.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of this traffic sign?

  • Temporary narrow passage ahead.
  • Tunnel ahead.
  • You may drive faster, because you reached the end of the tunnel.
  • Beware, big tunnel ahead.
Category : Traffic Signs


Who are obliged to act cautiously?

  • All road users.
  • Driving students only.
  • Only drivers.
  • Only pedestrians.
Category : Rules and Regulations


According to the law, how should you (vehicle no. 3) behave at the following intersection?

  • Give right of way to the blue vehicle (1).
  • Cross carefully. The two other drivers should yield (3).
  • Give right of way to both vehicles (1,2).
  • Give right of way to the yellow vehicle (2).
Category : Rules and Regulations


When a rear camera is installed in a vehicle:

  • It displays the dead spots behind the vehicle.
  • It displays the dead spots around the vehicle.
  • It displays the dead spots in the vehicle’s front side.
  • It displays the dead spots behind the vehicle, while driving forward only.
Category : Safety


How would we pass a road obstacle while riding a motorcycle?

  • Accelerate and quickly cross the obstacle.
  • Brake by shifting to neutral gear until we finish crossing the obstacle.
  • Slow down before the obstacle.
  • Avoid braking and continue driving normally.
Category : Safety

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