What should a bus driver check after the passengers boarded the bus and before starting to drive?

  • That all the passengers paid the fare in full.
  • That all the passengers are seated.
  • That the fare is paid in full during the ride.
  • That the bus doors are closed.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Towing without a designated safety pin and without safety chains would cause:

  • Disengagement of the trailer from the towing vehicle.
  • Fracture of the towing pin.
  • Excessive wear of the towing shaft.
  • Faster and safer harnessing of the trailer.
Category : Safety


What is the speed limit in an area where the following road sign is placed (and no other road sign indicates otherwise)?

  • 60 k.p.h.
  • 50 k.p.h
  • 30 k.p.h.
  • There is no speed limit.
Category : Traffic Signs


What’s the correct manner for braking whilst riding a motorcycle?

  • The front and rear brakes should be operated together in order to slow-down and stop.
  • The rear brake should be operated and the engine used for slowing down.
  • Only the rear brake should be operated intermittently. The front brake should not be used.
  • The front and rear brakes should be operated intermittently.
Category : Safety


Traffic changes are taking place ahead, how would you prepare for these changes?

  • You are driving on the right lane, pay attention to the vehicles merging into your lane from the right only.
  • The number of lanes is decreasing; move to the left lane without interrupting the vehicles in that lane.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; stay on the right lane and keep to your right.
  • You are driving in the right lane, pay attention to the vehicles merging into your lane, from left and right.
Category : Safety


Is the Authority permitted to suspend a taxi license?

  • No. The Authority is not permitted to suspend any license.
  • Yes, if the license holder does not attend after being summoned by the Authority.
  • No, only a court of law is permitted to suspend a taxi license.
  • Yes. The Authority is permitted to do so, but only by force of a court order.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the event that is depicted in the following picture?

  • Drive faster and move to the left lane.
  • Stop next to the pedestrian and explain to him that pedestrians should use the pedestrian crossing behind him.
  • Stop before the pedestrian and signal to him in whatever way that there is a pedestrian crossing behind him.
  • Slow down, show extreme caution, and don’t do anything that might endanger or scare the pedestrian.
Category : Safety


What are the risks of driving a vehicle with a leaking engine exhaust system?

  • Engine over-heating.
  • The penetration of burnt gases to the passenger compartment, which might cause loss of consciousness.
  • It might harm nearby vehicles.
  • There is no risk in driving a vehicle with a leaking emission system.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


If traffic sign 118 is placed at an intersection, which sign should be placed about 150 meters before the intersection?

  • 117
  • 205
  • 208
  • 207
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following road marking?

  • An area in which parking is prohibited for all vehicles.
  • Vehicle parking spaces – parking is permitted according to the markings only.
  • Parking and stopping places for two-wheelers.
  • Stopping places for non-motor vehicles only.
Category : Traffic Signs


How should a driver conduct himself when another vehicle suddenly emerges in his driving lane from the opposite direction, heading towards him?

  • Swerve to the left and drive on the opposite lane, which is currently free.
  • Honk and signal the other driver to get back to his lane.
  • Slow down, pull as far right as possible and even pull onto the “hard shoulder” if necessary.
  • Turn on his high beam and signal the other driver to get back to his lane.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which vehicles are permitted to enter a freeway?

  • Only private motor vehicles.
  • Every motor and non-motor vehicle.
  • A motor vehicle which is permitted and capable of driving at the speed that is indicated on the road sign.
  • Every motor vehicle, except for heavy trucks which might disturb traffic due to their low speed.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Promenade ahead.
  • Path for cyclists only.
  • Path for cyclists and pedestrians only.
  • Crossing for cyclists and pedestrians.
Category : Traffic Signs


Under what conditions can a person drive a motor vehicle?

  • The driver must have a valid license for the same class of vehicle.
  • According to the conditions, laid down in the annual test.
  • The driver should be the registered owner or have legal control.
  • According to the conditions laid down in the Manufacturer’s manual.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The following arrow is marked on the road, inside your lane. What does the arrow mean?

  • Overtaking from the left is permitted.
  • From this lane you will have to turn left at the next intersection.
  • Deviate now to the left lane.
  • You should deviate to the lane on your left.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • You are on a road that has right-of-way.
  • Police “speed trap” ahead.
  • You are on a roadway that has no right-of-way.
  • Public transportation roadway.
Category : Traffic Signs


You are driving in vehicle no. 3. To which of the following vehicles are you required to give right-of-way?

  • To the blue vehicle (1).
  • To the red vehicle (2).
  • To the red vehicle (2) first and then to the blue vehicle (1).
  • To neither of them: You have right-of-way over all the rest (3).
Category : Rules and Regulations


A driver wishing to park his vehicle downhill shall:

  • Turn the front wheels towards the sidewalk and shift to reverse gear (in automatic vehicles – P).
  • Turn the front wheels towards the sidewalk and shift to first gear.
  • Turn the front wheels towards the sidewalk and shift to neutral gear (in automatic vehicles – N).
  • Turn the back wheels towards the sidewalk and shift to neutral gear.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When are we not obligated to drive in the right lane?

  • Whilst overtaking another vehicle.
  • When another vehicle overtakes us from the left on a two-lane roadway.
  • When we pass another vehicle from its right side.
  • When another vehicle in front of us signals about its intention to start driving on the roadway’s left side.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How would you conduct yourself according to the situation depicted in the following picture?

  • Drive faster and honk to keep the children away from the roadway so you don’t hit them.
  • A pedestrian crossing is not marked on the roadway and no “play street” sign is posted. Continue driving normally.
  • Continue driving. The children shall act responsibly and avoid crossing the road when noticing an approaching vehicle.
  • Glance at the mirrors, slow down, follow the children movement on both sides of the roadway and – if required – stop to avoid endangering them.
Category : Safety


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of an authorized municipal inspector, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

  • Yes, except in the case of a “stop” sign
  • No, it is not obligatory to obey
  • Yes, it is obligatory to obey, with full caution
  • Yes, except in the case of a “no-entry” sign
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the function of the tractor’s differential lock?

  • To assist when one of the tractor’s wheels sinks or skids.
  • To assist in maintaining driving direction while driving on a straight road.
  • To prevent the tractor from slipping in sharp turns.
  • To assist during emergency braking.
Category : Safety


What is indicated by the following traffic sign?

  • End of urban area.
  • End of vehicle parking and stopping zone.
  • End of “restriction for driving-instruction".
  • End of freeway zone.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is a driver of a vehicle carrying oversize freight required to do when due to road conditions he cannot be overtaken by other drivers?

  • Drive until the nearest parking bay or bus station bay and stop to allow other vehicles to overtake him.
  • Turn on the four distress winkers, and continue driving on the right of the road way.
  • Swerve his vehicle as far to the right of the roadway as possible, but avoid pulling into the “hard shoulder” because the vehicle’s weight might cause the “shoulder” to collapse.
  • Slow down and, if necessary, pull into the “hard shoulder” and even stop, to allow the vehicles behind him to overtake safely.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Why is it prohibited to install stiff and protruding accessories inside the passenger compartment?

  • Because these accessories might injure the passengers and the driver during an accident.
  • To prevent any chance of damaging the vehicle’s tires.
  • To avoid undermining the passengers’ field of vision while driving backwards.
  • Because they disturb the vehicle’s reception of radio transmissions,
Category : Know Your Vehicle


Is it obligatory to mark oversize freight on a vehicle?

  • No. A vehicle with oversize freight should only be marked if the freight sticks out from the vehicle’s rear side.
  • Yes, it is obligatory to mark the oversize freight, but only during “light time”.
  • No. When a vehicle is standing on the road, its oversize freight doesn’t cause any risk; hence, it is not obligatory to mark it.
  • Yes, it is always obligatory to mark oversize freight.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When riding a bus, is it obligatory to obey the instructions of the bus service employees?

  • Yes, you must obey the orders of the service employees.
  • No, you don’t have to obey the instructions of the service employees.
  • No, you should only obey the instructions of policemen in uniform.
  • No, you must only obey the instructions of policemen and municipal inspectors.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to stop a vehicle in a one-lane two-way roadway that is divided by a continuous white line?

  • Yes, during “light time” only.
  • Yes, when the lane’s width exceeds 2.5 meters.
  • Yes, in an urban road only.
  • It is absolutely forbidden.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Cab station. Entry to the street in which this sign is posted is prohibited.
  • Start of cab station designated area.
  • End of Taxi station (rank) designated area.
  • Cab station. Stopping or parking of other vehicles is prohibited.
Category : Traffic Signs


According to the law, how should you (vehicle no. 3) behave at the following intersection?

  • Give right of way to the blue vehicle (1).
  • Cross carefully. The two other drivers should yield (3).
  • Give right of way to both vehicles (1,2).
  • Give right of way to the yellow vehicle (2).
Category : Rules and Regulations

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