Explain the term “axle” in a vehicle:

  • Shaft or system of drive shafts running the width of the vehicle, on which the wheels are installed.
  • The drive shaft that transmits the rotary motion from the gearbox to the differential.
  • A line along the vehicle, from bumper to bumper, which runs parallel to the vehicles longitudinal axis.
  • The back beam of the chassis, to which the towing pin of the truck tractor is connected.
Category : Rules and Regulations


During “light time”, when are you permitted to use the vehicle’s high beam?

  • Only on a freeway.
  • On a non-urban road, when driving within a row of vehicles.
  • On an urban road with street lights and on a non-urban road.
  • On an inter-urban roadway, when allowed by traffic conditions and there is no vehicle ahead of you.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What would you do when driving at night and you are dazzled )blinded) by a vehicle approaching from your opposite direction?

  • Slow down, keep to the right and look at the yellow line or at the right edge of the road.
  • Honk strongly to alert the other driver that he is blinding you.
  • Stop on the right of the road and turn on the parking lights until the blinding vehicle passes.
  • Turn on the high beam to improve your field of vision.
Category : Safety


When is it forbidden to overtake, or to try overtaking, another vehicle?

  • In a distance of 300 meters before a railway crossing.
  • When visibility is poor or when the field of vision is obstructed or limited.
  • During night time.
  • When driving uphill.
Category : Rules and Regulations


You are driving in the direction of the arrow. What is the meaning of the road marking to your left?

  • One-way road ahead.
  • Beginning of a rough road ahead.
  • A continuous separation line will appear shortly.
  • Separation area on a non-urban road.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the speed limit after this traffic sign?

  • 50 k.p.h.
  • 20 k.p.h.
  • 30 k.p.h.
  • 60 k.p.h.
Category : Traffic Signs


Is it permitted to drive on a separation area?

  • Yes, but only in order to cross it.
  • No, unless otherwise marked by a traffic sign.
  • Yes, always.
  • Yes, when the separation area is paved.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the definition of an “obsolete vehicle” in regard to private passenger cars?

  • A private passenger car is not included in the definition of an “obsolete vehicle”.
  • A private passenger car that was manufactured more than 19 years ago.
  • A private passenger car that was manufactured more than 15 years ago.
  • A vehicle that does not meet the compelling Israeli standard.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to use any other means for signaling when the electric signaling system is not functioning?

  • It is required to give signal by hand, but only in good weather conditions.
  • It is required under these circumstances to give signal by hand.
  • No. You must use the direction indicator for signaling.
  • It is required to give signal by hand, but only at night.
Category : Rules and Regulations


In a vehicle with a manual (regular) gearbox, it is important to adjust the gears:

  • In old vehicles only.
  • In order to protect the tires.
  • In long descents.
  • In order to determine the driving speed.without strain on the engine.
Category : Safety


The ability to control a vehicle:

  • Does not depend on driving speed.
  • Depends on road conditions only, and not on the vehicle or the driver.
  • Improves the faster you drive.
  • Increases when driving at a suitable speed for the varying road conditions.
Category : Safety


Define “own weight”:

  • The vehicle’s weight including all accessories plus fuel, water and oil, excluding driver and freight.
  • The vehicle’s weight with freight and with the driver, including the weight of the all accessories plus fuel.
  • The vehicle’s volume including all accessories plus fuel, water and oil, excluding driver and freight.
  • The vehicle’s weight including all accessories plus fuel, water and oil, including driver and freight.
Category : Rules and Regulations


In which direction should a motorcyclist focus his sight when entering into a turn?

  • Far ahead.
  • In the direction of the turn and the direction of its exit.
  • As close to the motorcycle as possible.
  • He should look far ahead and concentrate on the road signs and the surroundings of the turn.
Category : Safety


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Stop and give right-of-way to traffic on the road that crosses ahead.
  • Stop for a moment and then continue driving.
  • Give right-of-way to traffic on the road that crosses ahead while road-works take place.
  • Stop! (Hand held road sign).Stop as long as the sign is held up.
Category : Traffic Signs


When a driver’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds lawful levels, will he be regarded as a drunk driver?

  • No, the term “drunk” was not defined by the law.
  • No, only someone behaving as a drunkard shall be regarded as a drunk driver.
  • Yes, he will be regarded as a drunk driver even if he has not committed any other violation.
  • No, a person who is not affected by a small quantity of alcohol shall not be regarded as a drunk driver, regardless of the amount of alcohol.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How would you connect the truck cabin to the semi-trailer?

  • By driving backwards at an angle of less than 15 degrees.
  • By pushing the semi-trailer forward until the truck cabin.
  • By driving backwards when both of them are aligned in a straight line.
  • By driving backwards while the cabin is in a diagonal angle or any other comfortable angle..
Category : Safety


A driver approaches a pedestrian crossing marked on the road.Although ther are no pedestrians on the crossing. The driver should,

  • Slow down to ensure that there no pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Pass with caution but no need to slow down.
  • Accelerate before pedestrians arrive
  • Sound the horn and accelerate to clear the crossing
Category : Safety


When pedestrians are forced to walk on the road way, on which side of it should they walk?

  • Next to the right “hard shoulder”.
  • Next to the left sidewalk.
  • Next to the road’s left edge, when they are facing the incoming traffic.
  • Next to the road’s right edge.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Where would you stand your vehicle after being required to pull onto the “hard shoulder”?

  • Across the canal that is adjacent to the road’s edge.
  • No more than 40cm from the road’s edge.
  • With its two left wheels on the road.
  • As far as possible from the edge of the road.
Category : Safety


Traffic changes are taking place ahead, how would you prepare for these changes?

  • You are driving on the right lane, pay attention to the vehicles merging into your lane from the right only.
  • The number of lanes is decreasing; move to the left lane without interrupting the vehicles in that lane.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; stay on the right lane and keep to your right.
  • You are driving in the right lane, pay attention to the vehicles merging into your lane, from left and right.
Category : Safety


For what reason are weights installed on the tractor’s front?

  • To prevent the front part from jumping during high-speed off-road driving.
  • To reduce some of the stress on the tractor’s rear axle while lifting loads.
  • To improve driving quality and comfort on dirt roads.
  • To prevent its front part from elevating while lifting loads from its rear side.
Category : Safety


In a work vehicle:

  • It is prohibited to transport passengers but it is permitted to carry freight.
  • It is prohibited to carry freight but it is permitted to carry up to 6 passengers in the vehicle’s trunk.
  • It is permitted to transport passengers and to carry freight.
  • It is prohibited to carry freight or transport passengers, except in the driver’s compartment.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is “wheel locking”?

  • Preventing the wheel from turning while releasing the screw nuts that hold it.
  • It is a device attached to one of the vehicle’s wheels, to prevent movement while parking on a very steep slope.
  • ”Booting” one of the vehicle’s wheels by a certified authority.
  • The vehicle’s wheels stop turning as a result of strong and continuous braking.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


Is a private minibus weighing 2700kiols permitted to park within the limits of the following road sign?

  • Only on weekends.
  • Yes, but only on weekdays from 21:00 until 05:30.
  • No.
  • Yes.
Category : Traffic Signs


Is the Licensing Authority authorized to permit the use of a vehicle with size and weight which exceed regulations?

  • No, only a police officer ranked superintendent or higher is allowed to provide such permission.
  • Yes, under special conditions.
  • Yes, following consultation with the Public Works Department and with the Police.
  • No, the Licensing Authority is prohibited to provide any permit against regulations.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • No entry for non-motor vehicles only.
  • Entry is permitted for tractors and work vehicles.
  • Careful! road-works.
  • No entry for tractors and work vehicles.
Category : Traffic Signs


If a vehicle is lawfully photographed while committing an offence, who of the following is held responsible for the offense?

  • The driver’s employer.
  • The driver and the passenger besides him.
  • The vehicle’s owner, unless he proves that the vehicle was driven by another person and he identifies this person.
  • It is not important. The main thing is to have the fine paid.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a private minibus without passengers permitted to use a designated bus lane?

  • Dotted lines mark the approach of a separation line. The driver should move to the right lane before the beginning of the separation line.
  • Yes, but only on Saturdays and holidays.
  • No.
  • Yes.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Brief stopping is permitted but parking is prohibited.
  • A barrier before a level crossing.
  • Parking is allowed with parking tickets.
  • No Stopping and parking, except for buses.
Category : Traffic Signs


You arrived to an intersection that is not clear:(free)

  • Stop before the intersection and wait for traffic to clear.
  • You are permitted to turn left, even if the intersection is not clear.
  • If the traffic light is green you may enter the intersection, even when it is not clear.
  • Enter the intersection carefully and wait there for it to clear.
Category : Safety

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