Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a municipal inspector in uniform?

  • No. It is only obligatory to obey as regards to parking directions within city limits
  • No. It is only obligatory to obey as regards to the presentation of a driver’s license
  • Usually not
  • Yes, if the directions are related to traffic control.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is a “booster seat”?

  • A seat that is designed for transporting small children, restrained by the safety belt of the vehicle.
  • A standard seat that is designed for transporting children until 18 years of age
  • A seat that is designed for a driver whose height is less than 160 cm and whose age is more than 18 years
  • A seat that is designed for transporting children on bicycles only while the children are restrained by a safety belt.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to drive through a railway crossing when the barrier is moving downwards or upwards?

  • It is permitted to drive through, as long as you drive carefully.
  • It is allowed for as long as the barrier doesn’t reach its bottom position and locks.
  • It is allowed when the barrier starts to rise.
  • No.It is prohibited for as long as the barrier is in movement to any direction or when it is horizontally positioned.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The license of a “New driver” will not be renewed as a regular drivers license, if he is convicted of:

  • Not stopping where a “give right-of–way” signpost is placed.
  • Illegal overtaking
  • Not placing a “new driver” sign on the vehicle’s rear window.
  • Driving a motor vehicle without valid insurance.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How can you avoid collision according to the indications in the following picture?

  • Honk loudly and continuously.
  • Keep a proper distance from parked vehicles.
  • Stop and don’t continue driving.
  • Flash the high beam.
Category : Safety


How can you reduce the effect of being blinded by a vehicle approaching from your opposite direction?

  • By properly adjusting the headlights beam, and flickering to the driver in front.
  • By not looking into the blinding light, and by slowing down and driving on the right of the road.
  • By turning on the windshield wipers.
  • By adjusting the inside mirror to "night" position.
Category : Safety


Where inside a vehicle should the reflective traffic vest be placed?

  • In the trunk.
  • The law doesn’t refer to the vest’s holding place.
  • In the driver’s compartment, except for motorcycles.
  • Only on the driver’s seat rest.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What gap should be maintained from the vehicle that is driving in front of us?

  • A gap of thirty meters, in order to allow safe stoppage.
  • A gap of forty meters, in order to prevent an accident.
  • A gap of at least three seconds.
  • A gap which always allows us to stop and prevent a collision..
Category : Rules and Regulations


After which of the following road signs is it prohibited to overtake (for a distance of about 100 meters)?

  • 132
  • 307
  • 130
  • 135
Category : Traffic Signs


Under which conditions is it permitted to cross railway tracks?

  • You are only permitted to cross after giving right-of-way to the vehicles that drive away from the crossing, and without causing any disturbance to them.
  • When a “stop” sign or a “red” traffic light are placed in your direction of driving.
  • When the barrier starts to lift..
  • When the railway-crossing is free, with its barrier lifted, and you can be cross it safely.
Category : Rules and Regulations


According to the following picture, is it permitted to deviate to the opposite lane?

  • Yes, the driver already looked at the mirror and nobody came behind him.
  • Yes, you can deviate to the opposite lane after glancing at the mirror, because no one drives behind.
  • Yes, if the winker is turned on, there is no need to glance at the mirror.
  • No, due to the double continuous separation line on the roadway.
Category : Safety


Is it permissible to stop a vehicle next to another vehicle that is parking at the side of the road?

  • Yes, in an urban road only.
  • It is absolutely forbidden.
  • Yes, during “light time” only.
  • Yes, when the lane’s width exceeds 2.5 meters.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do when the signal in the picture displays a flashing red light?

  • Always stop before the level crossing, and don’t continue driving until the flashing stops.
  • You may continue driving straight carefully after stopping first.
  • Proceed – it is permitted to drive straight when the road is clear.
  • Drive slowly while passing the crossing.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is a driver obliged to do when an emergency vehicle on duty appears behind him?

  • Slow down and deviate to the right if the road has only one lane.
  • Stop on the right side of the road, away from the intersection, and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.
  • Slow down and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.
  • No action is required when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When the tire air pressure is too low, it might cause:

  • Quick wear and tear of the braking system.
  • Easy wheel manipulation.
  • Tire overheating.
  • Low fuel consumption.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • No stopping or parking on the road-side where the sign is placed.
  • No stopping for vehicles on both sides of the road.
  • Stopping is permitted but parking is prohibited.
  • It is allowed to stop and park, except on Saturdays and holidays.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • “Stop” sign ahead.
  • “Right-of-way” sign ahead.
  • Give right-of-way in the roundabout before you.
  • A distance of about 150 meters to an approaching roundabout.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Prepare to slow down, if necessary. Pay attention to traffic congestion and adjust your driving to the traffic and to the road’s conditions.
  • Continue driving and be alert about the conduct of other vehicles from your right.
  • Obey the instructions of road workers and proceed according to the markings.
  • Drive faster and overtake slow vehicles.
Category : Traffic Signs


How would you mark a vehicle that was forced to be left standing in the road?

  • Place a blinking flashlight to be seen to a distance of 30 meters.
  • Turn on the two front winkers.
  • Turn on the headlights during “light time”.
  • Place a warning triangle behind the vehicle that can be seen from at least 100mtrs.
Category : Rules and Regulations


At the junction marked and signposted as in the diagram, what is the correct way to turn right from road B to C?

  • From lane 7 to 6.
  • From lane 8 to 6.
  • From lane 7 to 6 or5.
  • From lane 7 or 8 to 6 or 5.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What effect does the distance between vehicles have on the overtaking process?

  • Short distance reduces the field of vision and increases the risk in overtaking.
  • The closer we are to the vehicle in front of us, the safer is the deviation while overtaking.
  • The distance between vehicles has no effect on the safety of overtaking.
  • The closer we are to the vehicle in front of us, the shorter and safer is the overtaking distance.
Category : Safety


Wearing a seat belt as required:

  • Keeps the driver in an upright sitting position;
  • Reduces the extent of injury during an accident.
  • Keeps the driver alert.
  • Reduces the driver’s movement in his seat and prevents accidents.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


According to the following indications, how many vehicles are standing in front of you?

  • There is no way to know how many vehicles are in front based on the picture.
  • According to the picture, only the silver vehicle is driving in front of us.
  • There are two vehicles in front of you. There is the silver vehicle and another shadow in front of it.
  • The indications in the picture do not hint the number of vehicles in front.
Category : Safety


Which traffic sign is likely to appear before traffic sign 305?

  • 304
  • 302
  • 402
  • 438
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to check when one of the vehicle’s lamps is not working?

  • The bulb and the fuse connected to it.
  • The intactness of the lamp’s lens.
  • The functionality of the lights handle.
  • The battery’s voltage.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


According to the traffic signs appearing in the picture, the road that turns to the right is:

  • A freeway.(motorway)
  • An urban road.
  • A dead-end road.
  • A road that is neither a freeway nor an urban road
Category : Traffic Signs


Which of the following traffic signs informs about a change in the number of lanes?

  • 109
  • 145
  • 622
  • All four signs.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the light appearing in the following traffic light?

  • Stop – dont continue driving for as long as the red light is on.
  • You may continue driving after verifying that the intersection is clear.
  • Continue driving: Green light will appear shortly.
  • Drive faster before the intersection with the traffic lights, in order to cross it before the light changes.
Category : Traffic Signs


The use of which safety restraints is obligatory when driving children less than eight years of age?

  • A three-point safety belt only.
  • A safety seat or a booster.
  • A safety belt only.
  • A waist belt only.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How is it required to mark freight that sticks out from the vehicle’s rear side?

  • With a white flag tied to the tip of the oversize freight.
  • With a red light-reflecting triangle. The length of each triangle side should be 60cm.
  • With a white light-reflecting triangle. The length of each triangle side should be 60cm.
  • With a red flag tied to the tip of the oversize freight.
Category : Rules and Regulations

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