What are the actions you are required to take, before intentionally pulling onto the “hard shoulder” of a non-urban road?

  • Apart from giving a right signal on time, nothing else is required.
  • Slowing down and turning on the four winkers.
  • Good observations mainly to the rear, signaling appropriately and slowing down.
  • Slowig down and turning the steering wheel towards the “hard shoulder” as quickly as possible.
Category : Safety


What is the function of the ABS System?

  • To shorten the life span of the tires.
  • To facilitate softer and milder braking on a wet roadway.
  • To maintain the vehicle’s steering and maneuvering abilities during emergency braking.
  • To facilitate softer and milder braking on a dry roadway.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


How can a cellular phone be operated whilst driving?

  • Only by means of a “hands free device” that is installed in the vehicle and can be used without being held.
  • When the driver holds the phone with the right hand
  • Only by using earphones that are connected to both ears
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use a phone while driving
Category : Rules and Regulations


When you approach a railway crossing and an approaching train is seen, heard or sounds a warning signal:

  • You should stop before the railway crossing until the train passes.
  • If the train is far, you should quickly cross the rails.
  • You should accelerate and cross the rails before the train arrives, in a careful and watchful manner.
  • You should carefully cross the rails, in any fitting speed.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The purpose of information road signs is to:

  • Instruct vehicle drivers what to do.
  • Provide information about places and directions.
  • Determine prohibitions.
  • Alert passersby about road hazards ahead.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following traffic sign?

  • Warn pedestrians by honking loudly and turning on the headlights.
  • Continue driving and make sure that the pedestrians clear away from the roadway.
  • When youre driving and approaching this traffic sign, always slow down and even stop if necessary to allow pedestrians to safely cross the road.
  • Honk and warn the crossing pedestrians.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do when the following road marking appears on your left?

  • You are prohibited from crossing the unbroken separation line.
  • Slow down and move to the left of the road.
  • You should always drive on the right side of the lines.
  • You may cross the lines when the broken line is on the right of the continuous line.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which type of "city policing" vehicle is permitted to emit a blue light with a flashing yellow light?

  • Rescue vehicles.
  • Ambulances.
  • Integrated policing vehicles.
  • Fire fighting vehicles.
Category : Rules and Regulations


According to the law, while driving at night and in good weather conditions – what is the minimal distance that should be covered by the vehicle’s headlights?

  • The range of the headlights is not defined by law, and it is determined at the discretion of the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • 100 meters for the high beam, and 30 meters for the low(dipped) beam.
  • 120 meters for the high beam, and 50 meters for the low beam.
  • 150 meters for the high beam, and 60 meters for the low beam.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a driver permitted to drive over the speed limit while overtaking?

  • Yes, when it is required in order to shorten the overtaking time.
  • No.
  • Yes, but only on a non-urban road.
  • Yes, but only on a multi-lane road and for a short time.
Category : Rules and Regulations


A policeman wrote you a traffic report due to “deviation from your lane”, and there are no lanes marked on the roadway. Is it justified?

  • No, if lanes are not marked you may drive in any part of the road.
  • No, you cannot “deviate” from an unmarked lane.
  • No, you are permitted by law to deviate from your lane without any restriction.
  • Yes, a lane can be either marked or unmarked.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which of the following sentences is correct as regards to other drivers?

  • You should assume that other drivers would always give you right of way.
  • You shouldn’t assume that other drivers will always give you right of way.
  • Truck drivers are professional drivers; hence they are less of a danger.
  • Drivers who turn-on the winker, always turn to the direction they signal to.
Category : Safety


For what reason do the following road signs have a different shape than other signs?

  • To enable pedestrians to notice road signs that are posted opposite their direction of walking.
  • Because these two road signs are less important than other signs.
  • To make them more recognisable to drivers, and so that they can also be seen and interpreted correctly even under poor visibility conditions.
  • Because these two road signs are more important than other signs.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following road marking?

  • It is forbidden to turn left from the left lane.
  • You have right-of-way on the narrow road over opposite traffic.
  • Only driving forward is permitted.
  • Left lane reverts to turning left only.
Category : Traffic Signs


How would you behave on the road ahead?

  • The number of lanes is decreasing; stay on your driving lane.
  • The number of lanes is decreasing; move to the right lane and keep to your right.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; choose the middle lane.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; choose the left lane.
Category : Safety


Is it obligatory to install wastebaskets in a private passenger car?

  • Yes, it is obligatory to install a wastebasket type that was approved by the Licensing Authority.
  • Yes, it is obligatory in a commercial vehicle only.
  • No, it is obligatory in a public vehicle only.
  • There is no such obligation.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What effect does driving whilst keeping proper distance from the vehicle in front has on the vehicle’s fuel consumption and wear?

  • It is required to keep a proper distance to prevent accidents only, and it has no effect on the vehicle’s wear or fuel consumption.
  • The shorter is the distance kept from the vehicle in front, the lower are both brake wear and fuel consumption.
  • In order to keep proper distance from the vehicle in front you are required to constantly use the brakes, and therefore it causes quick brake wear.
  • When proper distance is kept – brake wear and engine fuel consumption are reduced,
Category : Safety


What is the duty of a person who owns or has control of a vehicle?

  • Not to permit to anyone to drive, who doesn’t have a valid license for the type of vehicle.
  • To register any person who drives his vehicle in the vehicle travel log
  • To allow any person who asks him to drive his vehicle.
  • To make sure that photocopies of the driver’s license and insurance policy only are carried in the vehicle
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following road marking (a continuous separation line)?

  • Separation area on a one-way roadway.
  • Separation between motor and non-motor vehicles.
  • Driving on the left of the line is prohibited.
  • Separation between a public transportation lane and other lanes.
Category : Traffic Signs


It is prohibited to make a U-turn:

  • When he drives a vehicle longer than eight meters.
  • When the turn cannot be seen by a driver from any other direction.
  • When he is in a two-way roadway.
  • If a road sign prohibiting left turn is placed.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which of the following is an emergency vehicle?

  • A Red Magen David Ambulance, an Israel Police vehicle, IDF vehicle, Fire-fighting vehicle, integrated policing vehicle or any other vehicle approved by the Authority, when it sounds its emergency signals and operates flashing lights and sounds an alarm signal.
  • Any ambulance, IDF vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle or other commercial vehicle that was authorized to function as an emergency vehicle by the Licensing Authority
  • Every vehicle of the Israel Police or the IDF and vehicles that are used for regular security missions in borderline settlements
  • A vehicle of the Israel Police or the IDF and a fire-fighting vehicle only
Category : Rules and Regulations


How is the term “lighting up time” defined by law?

  • The night time or any other time when visibility is poor.
  • The night time or any other time in which visibility is normal.
  • The time period from sunset to sunrise only.
  • The time period from sunrise to sunset.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you (vehicle no. 3) required to do when approaching the following intersection (the red vehicle is not an emergency vehicle)?

  • You have right of way because you are crossing in a straight line (3).
  • Enter the intersection before the garbage truck (2), as it must yield (you [3] are coming from its right).
  • Give right of way to the tractor coming from the right only (1).
  • Give right of way to the crossing tractor (1) and truck (2).
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Enter the roundabout carefully since you have right-of-way.
  • Pay attention to traffic coming from your right within the roundabout.
  • Stop before entering the roundabout and cross it quickly.
  • Slow down before the roundabout.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Road works - drive in the direction of the appropriate arrow.
  • Lane is closed. No driving in the lane under the traffic sign.
  • Merge with the traffic in the adjacent lane, from either right or left.
  • A hairpin turn, either left or right.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • No entry for vehicles the width of which is less than the width indicated in the sign.
  • No entry for freight-carrying vehicles the width of which (vehicle and freight) exceeds the width indicated in the sign.
  • No entry only for commercial vehicles the width of which exceeds the width indicated in the sign.
  • No entry for non-motor vehicles only.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which road sign informs about a change in the number of road lanes?

  • 145
  • 111
  • 109
  • 622
Category : Traffic Signs


In which type of road is it obligatory to use the road’s farthest right side?

  • In a freeway
  • In a two-way road only
  • In any type of road
  • In a one-way road only
Category : Rules and Regulations


What risks are expected whilst driving on a mountain road?

  • Engine heating due to excessive use of the brakes.
  • Loss of braking ability and head-on collision. Difficulty yo pull off the road.
  • Tire overheating.
  • Loosening of a wheel due to the roads steep slope.
Category : Safety


While braking and slowing down, what force of nature is applied on the vehicle?

  • No force of nature affects the vehicle while it is braking or slowing down.
  • The force of inertia, i.e. the force which causes the vehicle to continue moving.
  • The centrifugal force, i.e. the force applied on the vehicle when it is turning.
  • The lift force, i.e. the force that pulls the vehicle upwards.
Category : Safety

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