How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Keep driving routinely when the road is clear.
  • Pass quickly next to the road sign.
  • Slow down and keep to the right; winding road ahead.
  • Honk before entering the curve.
Category : Safety


What vehicle features should be adjusted in order to ensure a comfortable and safe sitting position?

  • The side mirrors and the radio stations.
  • The seat’s position, the angle of the back rest, and the steering wheel position.
  • The head rests and the position of the pedals.
  • The seat’s position and the air flow direction from the vents.
Category : Safety


Why is a driver required to adjust his sitting position before starting to drive?

  • To prevent unnecessary leg pains that are a result of prolonged sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • To have good control of the vehicle’s operation, instruments and field of vision.
  • Only pregnant women are required to adjust their sitting position.
  • To have easier access to the radio or cellular phone.
Category : Safety


Where is it permitted to park LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) fuelled vehicles?

  • In LPG-Vehicle permitted parking lots, according to the directions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • In regular parking lots designated for gasoline vehicles.
  • In parking lots designated for private passenger cars only.
  • In LPG-Vehicle permitted parking lots, according to the directions of the Vehicle’s importer.
Category : Safety


“You are allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, as long as you do not mix different types of drinks”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Incorrect. The determining factor is the level of alcohol in the blood in relation to the legally allowed level.
  • Correct. You can drink quite a lot of one type of intoxicating drink without becoming drunk.
  • Correct. Alcohol affects driving only when different drinks are mixed.
  • Correct. You should not mix different types of drinks before driving.
Category : Safety


Why should we avoid running the vehicle’s engine in a closed placed?

  • Because the emitted burnt gases (exhaust)are toxic.
  • To avoid engine over-heating due to poor ventilation.
  • There is no need to avoid it, because it is not important whether or not the engine is running in a closed or open place.
  • Because the engine cannot be operated in a closed place.
Category : Safety


When you are overtaking another vehicle on a two-lane two-way roadway:

  • Don’t worry: The overtaken vehicle should deviate to the right and allow you to overtake it easily.
  • You are commiting a traffic violation! This type of overtaking is illegal.
  • You take a risk of another vehicle appearing in the opposite lane.
  • This type of overtaking usually last 30 seconds.
Category : Safety


How would you start the engine of an automatic transmission vehicle?

  • Make sure the gear handle is in (D) and the hand brake is released.
  • Make sure the hand brake is applied, and the gear selector is in (P) or (N).
  • The selected gear is of no significance. Just make sure that the hand brake is not released.
  • Make sure the gear selector is in (R) and the hand brake is released.
Category : Safety


Which type of vehicle is allowed to stop or be left standing on the hard shoulder of an inter-urban road which is marked as a main road?

  • A work vehicle or a tractor.
  • A vehicle engaged in selling fruits and vegetables to passersby.
  • A vehicle engaged in public works and an I.D.F vehicle - for the purpose of fulfilling their duties.
  • A towing vehicle and a trailer, a truck tractor and a semi-trailer, with a maximum width of three meters.
Category : Safety


How is a driver supposed to deal with a situation in which pedestrians are crossing his driving lane on a crossing whilst he is making a right turn?

  • He should continue driving, because vehicles have priority of passage in intersections and therefore pedestrians must wait.
  • Slow down and even stop, and allow the pedestrians to cross at the pedestrian crossing.
  • Honk to warn the pedestrians and continue driving into the intersection.
  • Continue driving into the intersection, regardless of the pedestrians.
Category : Safety


A vehicle driver must slow down when he:

  • Overtakes on a two-way road.
  • Arrives to the beginning of a steep uphill climb.
  • Overtakes on a one-way road.
  • Drives down a steep or long descent.
Category : Safety


What is the order of actions to be taken in order to stop or park?

  • Check if it is permitted; make a peripheral check and slow down carefully.
  • The order of actions before parking is of no significance.
  • Slow down, deviate, stop and signal.
  • The order of actions doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do it carefully.
Category : Safety


What are the characteristics of a mountain road?

  • Many pedestrians and animals.
  • Wide and unmarked roadways.
  • Mountain roads are never paved.
  • Narrow and winding roadway, sharp curves, bends and sudden slopes.
Category : Safety


What are the preliminary actions a driver must perform while getting back up to the road from the “hard shoulder”?

  • Observing all traffic on the road, signaling appropriately and gradually moving back on the road.
  • Signaling appropriately and getting back to the road as quickly as possible.
  • Getting back to the road diagonally, as quickly as possible..
  • Putting the vehicle in a diagonal position and turning on the vehicle’s distress lights.
Category : Safety


How is the required distance for overtaking determined?

  • It only depends on the driving speed of the overtaken vehicle and not of the overtaking one.
  • It depends on the driving speeds of the overtaking and the overtaken vehicles
  • It only depends on the driving speed of the overtaking vehicle and not of the overtaken one.
  • It corresponds to the speed limit in that road section.
Category : Safety


How can you reduce the effect of being blinded by a vehicle approaching from your opposite direction?

  • By properly adjusting the headlights beam, and flickering to the driver in front.
  • By not looking into the blinding light, and by slowing down and driving on the right of the road.
  • By turning on the windshield wipers.
  • By adjusting the inside mirror to "night" position.
Category : Safety


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the occurrence depicted in the picture?

  • Honk loudly to warn that you are approaching.
  • Slow down carefully and stop if needed, because a child might be chasing the ball.
  • Continue driving and make short and rhythmic honks.
  • Accelerate and pass quickly before any child gets to the roadway.
Category : Safety


“Drinking alcohol disrupts the driver’s judgment and as a result he takes more risks”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Correct.
  • It is rarely correct.
  • It is only correct for women drivers.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves the ability to drive.
Category : Safety


You are driving on a two-way road and in front of you drives a vehicle that signals with its left indicator:

  • You may immediately overtake it from its right, by pulling into the “hard shoulder”.
  • You should take into consideration that the vehicle before you might deviate to the left and you should allow it to do so.
  • You shouldn’t overtake it on a narrow roadway, but you may overtake it from its left side on a wide road.
  • You may overtake after using the horn to warn him. The signal he gives doesn’t oblige you.
Category : Safety


“Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the driver’s ability to react”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Incorrect. Alcohol has a positive effect.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves your mood and your ability to drive.
  • Correct. Alcohol is a suppressive drug.
  • Incorrect. The driver feels that he cannot drive when he’s drunk.
Category : Safety


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Continue driving normally, while paying attention to the other vehicles in your direction of driving.
  • Slow down and allow vehicles to quickly bypass you from the left in order to merge into the left lane.
  • Drive on the right lane and prepare to move to the left lane as soon as the number of lanes increases.
  • Move to the left lane, because the right lane is about to terminate.
Category : Safety


What is the proven and recommended method for keeping proper distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?

  • Drive as similarly as possible to the drivers in the adjacent right and left lanes,.
  • The “two-second count” method.
  • Vehicle length and engine volume method.
  • Estimating a reasonable distance between yourself and the vehicle driving in front.
Category : Safety


How is it possible to reduce the centrifugal force applied to the vehicle whilst driving?

  • The effect of these force cannot be reduced – it depends on the vehicle’s size only.
  • By driving faster.
  • By driving lawfully and always giving right of way.
  • By reducing speed.on corners and curves
Category : Safety


“Drinking alcohol impairs the driver’s ability to estimate distances and speeds”: Correct or incorrect?

  • It is only correct for drivers wearing eyeglasses.
  • It is only correct for women
  • Drinking alcohol impairs the judgment of young drivers only.
  • Correct.
Category : Safety


According to the picture, how should drivers before the traffic light behave?

  • Stop and get ready to start driving.
  • Start driving.
  • Continue driving.
  • Prepare to stop, because red light is about to appear.
Category : Safety


What are you required to do when the truck in the picture enters your driving lane?

  • Allow it to enter the lane without disturbance.
  • You should stay on the left lane and drive faster.
  • You should drive faster and prevent it from entering.
  • You should move to the right lane in order to continue driving.
Category : Safety


How would you handle the following situation?

  • Slow down and overtake the cyclist, whilst maintaining proper lateral distance from him and observing his movements.
  • Drive behind the cyclist until after the intersection and then honk and pass him quickly.
  • Honk to the cyclist until he clears away from your driving lane, and pass him as quickly as possible.
  • Drive faster and overtake the cyclist before entering the intersection in which overtaking is prohibited.
Category : Safety


On a sharp curve, slow down:

  • When you exit the curve.
  • Straight after entering the curve.
  • All along the curve.
  • Before entering the curve.
Category : Safety


What is a reasonable speed on a freeway(Motorway)?

  • A speed that takes into account traffic conditions, and that doesn’t exceed the permitted speed limit on that road.
  • In any case, not less that the allowed speed limit.
  • A speed that gives you maximum drive range, provided that it doesn’t exceed the speed limit.
  • At the driver’s discretion, provided that it doesn’t exceed the allowed speed limit.
Category : Safety


When a driver is blinded by the sun, he should:

  • Look as low as possible to the roadway, to avoid blinding.
  • Overtake the vehicle in front because it is better to drive on an open roadway.
  • Stay close to the vehicle in front, so it can block the sun for him.
  • Slow down in accordance with his range of vision and use the sunshade.
Category : Safety

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