Which of the following road sign prohibits making a left U-turn?

  • 212
  • 209
  • 208
  • 207
Category : Traffic Signs


How would you release the hydraulic oil pressure before disconnecting the supply piping from the tractor’s attachment or additional equipment?

  • There are specific drainage taps for this purpose. They should be opened for a few seconds.
  • Move the operation lever in all directions when the engine is off.
  • Turn off the engine, wait a few minutes and only then disconnect the piping.
  • Connect the pressure discharge passage between the supply line and the return line.
Category : Safety


Can an owner of a valid driver’s license for a particular group of vehicle drive any vehicle of the same group?

  • Yes, provided that the driver can operate and use it proficiently
  • Yes, holder of a valid driver’s license can drive any vehicle, unconditionally
  • Yes, provided that he holds a police certificate, testifying that he can operate the vehicle proficiently
  • Yes, provided that he had not been found guilty of any traffic offence
Category : Rules and Regulations


How can you manage to keep your braking distance within the range of your vehicle’s lights while driving at night?

  • By using an additional spot light to detect road hazards.
  • By using the rear fog light to reinforce your head lights beam.
  • By turning on the long-distance high beam and driving at a high speed accordingly.
  • By adjusting your driving speed to your field of vision at all times.
Category : Safety


“Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Correct.
  • Incorrect. There is no connection between the drinking alcohol and the driver’s ability to respond.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves the ability to concentrate.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves your mood.
Category : Safety


Which of the following traffic signs prohibit a left U-turn?

  • All of the following signs prohibit a U-turn.
  • 205
  • 203
  • 202
Category : Traffic Signs


Is it permitted to tow more than one trailer?

  • Yes, but only with a permit of the Licensing Authority.
  • Yes, but only with a permit of the Controller of Road Transport.
  • Yes, but only with a permit of a policeman.
  • Yes, when carrying long freights it is permitted to tow more than one trailer, but it requires the approval of the safety officer.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • No entry for vehicle carriers.
  • No entry for vehicles, including trolleys.
  • No entry for horse drawn vehicles and non-harnessed animals.
  • Entry is permitted for horsemen only.
Category : Traffic Signs


The vehicle’s headlights light the road with:

  • A uniform white or bright-yellow color.
  • Bright white or yellow color, not necessarily in a uniform manner.
  • A uniform blue or bright-yellow color.
  • A uniform red or bright-yellow color.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How can you avoid frontal collision while driving on a narrow and winding mountain road?

  • Drive close to the middle line.
  • Slow down and honk continuously before every curve.
  • Drive on the far right of the roadway, turn-on the lights, and adjust your speed to the road’s conditions.
  • Drive in high gear and don’t use the brakes much, to avoid loss of braking ability.
Category : Safety


According to the following traffic sign, which of the vehicles should give right of way?

  • The first vehicle that arrives at the bridge.
  • The close vehicle
  • The vehicle arriving first at the narrow section of the road.
  • The distant vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
Category : Traffic Signs


A policeman has stopped a driver on the road.and demanded of him to take a breathyalyzer tests . Is the driver obliged to perform the test

  • Yes, after coming out of a pub only.
  • No, he is not obliged to do so.
  • Yes, after midnight only.
  • Yes, otherwise he is considered a drunk driver.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What measure is it important to take before stepping on the brake pedal in order to slow down or to stop?

  • Ease off the accelerator and shift to lower gear.
  • Check if there is a vehicle behind by glancing at the mirrors.
  • Step on the clutch pedal, to reduce the engine’s fuel consumption.
  • Signal and turn the wheel to the “hard shoulder”, to avoid rear-end collision.
Category : Safety


What are the provisions for driving in a straight line, without swerving?

  • Glancing at the separation line and keeping a constant distance from it.
  • Focusing on the furthest possible object you can see.
  • Driving while constantly following the roadway’s delineating yellow line.
  • Keeping to the right of the road, while maintaining a constant distance from the right yellow line.
Category : Safety


What are the characteristics of a mountain road?

  • Many pedestrians and animals.
  • Wide and unmarked roadways.
  • Mountain roads are never paved.
  • Narrow and winding roadway, sharp curves, bends and sudden slopes.
Category : Safety


Driving down a long steep hill on a n Inter-urban road

  • Go to a higher gear to complete the gradient quickly.
  • Travel in Neutral.
  • Brake for a few seconds so as not to drive too fast
  • Sow down, change down to a lower gear according to the gradient
Category : Safety


Which of the following vehicles are permitted to drive on the road’s “hard shoulders”?

  • Only taxis, in order to bypass vehicles that stand in an intersection.
  • No one is allowed, in to use the “hard shoulders”.
  • Non-motor vehicles, tractors and speed-restricted vehicles.
  • Only private vehicles and motorcycles are permitted to drive on the “hard shoulder”, and only in order to give right-of-way to buses.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is it permitted to park on the left side of the road?

  • In any urban road.
  • In any one-way road.
  • In any road, provided that the deviation to the left is performed carefully.
  • Only in a one-way roadway which is not part of a road that has a separation area.
Category : Rules and Regulations


You are driving vehicle no. 3. In what order will vehicles enter the following intersection?

  • The vehicle on the left will go first (2), the vehicle on the right will go next (1), and you will go last (3).
  • You go first (3), the vehicle on the left is next (2), and the vehicle on the right is last (1).
  • The vehicle on the right (1), you go next (3), and the vehicle on the left is last (2).
  • You go first (3), the vehicle on the right is next (1), and the vehicle on the left is last (2).
Category : Rules and Regulations


Why is it required to install a safety frame in a tractor?

  • To protect operator from high falling objects.
  • To protect operator during a collision accident.
  • To protect the operator./driver in the event that the tractor rolls over.
  • To protect operator while working between trees and branches.
Category : Rules and Regulations


It prohibited to overtake before a pedestrian crossing:

  • Always.
  • Only on a non-urban road.
  • Only on a two-way urban road.
  • Only when a “pedestrian crossing ahead” sign is placed.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is indicated by the following traffic sign?

  • End of urban area.
  • End of vehicle parking and stopping zone.
  • End of “restriction for driving-instruction".
  • End of freeway zone.
Category : Traffic Signs


How can we avoid danger when we start driving and when we merge with traffic?

  • Danger can be prevented by turning on all the distress signals and warn other drivers while merging with traffic.
  • Danger can be prevented by driving diagonally and at a higher speed while merging with traffic.
  • By quickly entering the lane in which traffic is flowing.
  • By giving an appropriate signal with the winker, looking in all directions and waiting until no one is obstructed.before driving.
Category : Safety


How can a driver handle the many tasks he needs to perform when approaching an intersection?

  • Warn other road users that he is approaching the intersection (by honking and signaling).
  • Ignore other road users; especially those smaller than him.
  • Drive faster in order to cross the intersection more quickly.
  • Slow down before the intersection, look around, and avoid engaging in any activity other than driving.
Category : Safety


Which of the following traffic signs alerts that another road is about to merge with the roadway in which you are driving?

  • 124
  • 145
  • 620
  • 725
Category : Traffic Signs


Is it determined by the following road sign which rules for giving right-of-way should be applied?

  • Yes, when the following road sign is placed in an intersection, right-of-way is given to vehicles that continue driving straight only.
  • Yes, when the following road sign is placed in an intersection, right-of-way is given to public vehicles only.
  • No, right-of-way rules are determined according to the traffic load.
  • No, right-of-way is determined according to lawful right-of-way rules or according to the traffic signs that are placed in the junction.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are the preliminary actions a driver must perform while getting back up to the road from the “hard shoulder”?

  • Observing all traffic on the road, signaling appropriately and gradually moving back on the road.
  • Signaling appropriately and getting back to the road as quickly as possible.
  • Getting back to the road diagonally, as quickly as possible..
  • Putting the vehicle in a diagonal position and turning on the vehicle’s distress lights.
Category : Safety


What is the first stage in getting back on the road from the “hard shoulder”?

  • Signaling with the indicator.
  • Getting closer from the hard shoulder to the roads edge.
  • Accelerating the vehicle up to the speed of the vehicles on the road.
  • Turning the wheel in order to get on the road in a 45 degree angle.
Category : Safety


What are the reasons for a vehicle skidding on a road?

  • Late and sudden braking and the presence of elements that prevent traction on the road’s surface.
  • Roads with a high coefficient of friction.
  • Driver tiredness.
  • Tires that are not worn out cause vehicle skidding.
Category : Safety


Is it permitted to overtake according to the situation described in the picture?

  • Yes, provided that we take all the required precautions to avoid hitting children that might run into the roadway.
  • Yes, provided that we make warning honks during overtaking, before and while we pass the bus.
  • Overtaking is absolutely prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to overtake a bus which stops to load children.
Category : Safety

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