Why is it required to install a safety frame in a tractor?

  • To protect operator from high falling objects.
  • To protect operator during a collision accident.
  • To protect the operator./driver in the event that the tractor rolls over.
  • To protect operator while working between trees and branches.
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In the following picture – where is it forbidden to stop or park a vehicle?

  • Within twelve meters before the stop line.
  • Within twenty meters before the stop line.
  • Within fifteen meters after the stop line.
  • Within twenty meters after the stop line.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Who is held responsible for safety in a vehicle that drives in reverse?

  • The owner of the vehicle even if he is not the current driver.
  • The driver.
  • The person guiding the driver while he drives backwards.
  • Everybody near a vehicle that drives backwards.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Does an agricultural trailer require a warning triangle?

  • Only trailers with an own weight of up to 4,000 kg.
  • No.
  • Only small trailers with an own weight of up to 500 kg.
  • Yes.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is the Licensing Authority allowed to revoke or suspend an existing driver’s license?

  • No, only the Israel Police is allowed to do so.
  • Yes, the Authority is allowed to do so, on the grounds of driving competence and medical fitness.
  • No, only a court of law is allowed to do so.
  • Yes, the Authority is allowed to revoke a driver’s license at its own discretion and for any reason.
Category : Rules and Regulations


According to the “point system”:

  • Only the traffic court is entitled to revoke a driver’s license.
  • Only a police officer is entitled to revoke a driver’s license and to require a driver to undergo examinations.
  • The Licensing Authority is not authorized to revoke a driver’s license.
  • The Licensing Authority is entitled to require a driver that incurred demerit points to undergo examinations, and it is also entitled to revoke his license.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is it permitted to drive in reverse?

  • When it is required from a traffic-related point of view.
  • When it is required for personal reasons, even if driving in reverse is not essential.
  • Only when the roadway is wider than 4 meters.
  • It is always permitted, as long as we are always seen by other drivers.
Category : Rules and Regulations


For how long is it permitted to leave a broken-down vehicle on a road or in a public place?

  • It should be cleared away as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours.
  • Until the rescue vehicle arrives, provided that it doesn’t exceed a period of one week.
  • It should be moved away as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours.
  • For the period in which it is being repaired, provided that it doesn’t exceed 72 hours.
Category : Rules and Regulations


It is prohibited to stop or park a vehicle before and after a level crossing, within a distance of:

  • At least 30 meters.
  • At least 50 meters.
  • At least 25 meters.
  • At least 20 meters.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How should a driver conduct himself when noticing a “security vehicle”?

  • Slow down, divert to the road’s right edge and continue driving normally.
  • Divert his vehicle to the right, as close as possible to the road’s edge, give right-of-way and stop if necessary a distance from an intersection.
  • Mount the sidewalk and stop there.
  • Drive closely behind the security vehicle and keep a constant distance of two seconds from it.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What should a driver do when there’s a change in his health condition?

  • Report it to the Licensing Authority.
  • Report it to the Licensing Office if it is a result of a road accident only.
  • Report it immediately to the Ministry of Health.
  • Report about it to the Licensing Office within 20 days.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to drive under the influence of an intoxicating alcoholic drink?

  • Yes, provided that the driver doesn’t mix drinks.
  • Absolutely not.
  • Yes, but only after family gatherings and for short distances.
  • Yes, it is permitted.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When you are standing with your vehicle before an intersection while the red light is on, and you notice a security vehicle behind you, with its siren on and its lights flashing:

  • You should get on the sidewalk (pavement) in order to clear the way for the security vehicle.
  • You are permitted to enter the intersection while the red light is on as well.
  • You are not allowed to enter the intersection while the red light is on.
  • You should enter the intersection while the red light is on.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The following illustration shows an intersection with traffic signs. What is the correct manner of making a turn from street A to street C?

  • From lane 1 or from lane 2 to lane 6.
  • From lane 1 or from lane 2 to lane 5.
  • From lane 2 to lane 5.
  • From lane 2 to lane 3.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to drive a vehicle with a malfunctioning lighting system?

  • Yes, if one light is not functioning.
  • Yes, when the parking lights are malfunctioning.
  • No.
  • Yes, during day time only.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Define “play street”:

  • A main road joined by side roads.
  • A road designed for children’s games, pedestrians and vehicles, sign posted at the entrance with the “play street” sign.
  • A street designated for children’s games, into which only pedestrians and two wheeled vehicles are permitted to enter.
  • A street in which different types of vehicles may drive side by side
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a driver permitted to cross an unbroken separation line in order to make a U-turn?

  • Yes, when the roadway has at least two lanes in each driving direction.
  • Yes, provided that the traffic is not disturbed.
  • Yes, when the intersection ahead is blocked.
  • No.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is it allowed to use the horn?

  • Only to prevent imminent danger that cannot be prevented in any other way.
  • Only in an urban road, to prevent danger.
  • In every type of road, only for public vehicles, to prevent danger.
  • Only in a non-urban road, to prevent danger.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a tractor permitted to enter a freeway?

  • Yes, but only during daylight.
  • No.
  • Yes, unless it tows a trailer.
  • Yes.
Category : Rules and Regulations


On which part of a road should a cyclist ride?

  • As close as possible to the road’s left edge, facing the incoming traffic.
  • As close as possible to the right hand side of the road.
  • Where all other vehicles are driving.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to ride bicycle on any part of a road.
Category : Rules and Regulations


If a vehicle stops on a road without a pavement when is there an obligation to wear a reflective traffic vest?

  • If one of the passengers wore a vest and stepped out of the vehicle before the driver, then the driver is not required to wear a vest.
  • When the driver or a passenger alights from a vehicle on an inter-urban road.
  • If the vehicle has two vests, two persons are permitted to step out of the vehicle wearing vests.
  • The driver must wear a reflective vest upon stepping out of the vehicle.
Category : Rules and Regulations


A policeman has stopped a driver on the road.and demanded of him to take a breathyalyzer tests . Is the driver obliged to perform the test

  • Yes, after coming out of a pub only.
  • No, he is not obliged to do so.
  • Yes, after midnight only.
  • Yes, otherwise he is considered a drunk driver.
Category : Rules and Regulations


You are driving in the left lane of a one-way road. The driver in the right lane before you slowed down due to a pedestrian crossing the road from right to left. You are close to the pedestrian crossing, and therefore:

  • You should accelerate and quickly pass the crossing before the pedestrian arrives.
  • Use the horn to warn the passenger and quickly pass before him.
  • Continue driving normally; the pedestrian should make sure not to do anything risky and not to disturb you.
  • You should slow down and allow the pedestrian to finish crossing.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When a driver is approaching a high point or a place in which his field of vision is obstructed, he should:

  • Continue driving in normal speed.
  • Turn on the four winkers (distress lights) to warn other drivers.
  • Drive faster and use the road’s “hard shoulders”.
  • Slow down and drive at a reasonable speed, which corresponds with his field of vision.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is an “Interchange”?

  • The area that is formed by the meeting of at least three roadways, at the same level.
  • A meeting of at least two roadways at the same level in a freeway.
  • A meeting point of roads at different levels, in which it is possible to drive and pass from one road to the other
  • A junction of roads at the same level in an urban area.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How would you mark a vehicle that was forced to be left standing in the road?

  • Place a blinking flashlight to be seen to a distance of 30 meters.
  • Turn on the two front winkers.
  • Turn on the headlights during “light time”.
  • Place a warning triangle behind the vehicle that can be seen from at least 100mtrs.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What should a driver of an overtaken vehicle do?

  • He should continue driving without changing his speed and driving lane.
  • An overtaken vehicle should take no interest in the overtaking vehicle, and should continue driving normally.
  • Deviate as much as possible to the road’s edge, without changing his speed.
  • Stop at the side of the road and allow the traffic to pass him.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How is a driver required to drive near a group of children?

  • Stop completely for as long as the children are near the road.
  • Continue driving in normal speed, provided that the pavements are wide.
  • Slow down, be prepared to stop and even stop if necessary..
  • Continue driving in normal speed, provided that he uses the horn to warn the children.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How should you behave at the following intersection (the red vehicle is not an emergency vehicle)?

  • Enter the intersection. You have right of way in the intersection (3)
  • Give right of way to the private vehicle (1), and to the truck (2).
  • Give right of way to the private vehicle (1).
  • Allow the big vehicle to drive (2). Big vehicles always get right of way.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Under which conditions is the driver of a utility vehicle (mule) allowed to carry a passenger with him?

  • It is allowed, without any condition
  • It is allowed, provided that the driver’s minimum age is 21 years
  • It is allowed on a farm utility vehicle (mule) only
  • When he has a permit to do so from the Licensing Authority
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