The following picture contains several road elements. How should a driver respond when approaching these elements?

  • Slow down and keep to the right.
  • He should make a warning honk, continue driving in normal speed, glance at the mirrors and then drive faster to quickly cross the curve.
  • Approaching a curve in high speed is dangerous on a rough road only.
  • In the absence of a road sign warning about an incoming curve, there is no need to slow down. He should continue driving at normal speed.
Category : Safety


How would you conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Cyclists are of no danger to vehicles. Drive normally when they are nearby.
  • The cyclist is not stable and is affected by the fast vehicles passing by. Slow down when approaching him.
  • When passing by cyclists, drive faster to reduce the period of conflict with them.
  • When passing by cyclists, honk a few times to have their attention.
Category : Safety


The traffic light in your direction of driving is green. To what are you required to pay attention when approaching it?

  • Ignore the handicap vehicle parked on the right.
  • Pay attention only to the light shown in the traffic light.
  • Approach and cross the intersection quickly.
  • The sudden appearance of pedestrians emerging from between the parked vehicles.
Category : Safety


What is the main risk of approaching an intersection on a wet road?

  • When it rains, there are more pedestrians.
  • On a wet road, the road markings are concealed.
  • The vehicle might skid into the area of the intersection due to the wet road.
  • Vehicles face no risk on a wet road.
Category : Safety


What vehicle features should be adjusted in order to ensure a comfortable and safe sitting position?

  • The side mirrors and the radio stations.
  • The seat’s position, the angle of the back rest, and the steering wheel position.
  • The head rests and the position of the pedals.
  • The seat’s position and the air flow direction from the vents.
Category : Safety


“Drinking alcohol disrupts the driver’s judgment and as a result he takes more risks”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Correct.
  • It is rarely correct.
  • It is only correct for women drivers.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves the ability to drive.
Category : Safety


What are the reasons for a vehicle skidding on a road?

  • Late and sudden braking and the presence of elements that prevent traction on the road’s surface.
  • Roads with a high coefficient of friction.
  • Driver tiredness.
  • Tires that are not worn out cause vehicle skidding.
Category : Safety


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the occurrence that is depicted in the following picture?

  • The fruits on the road are of no significance to you.
  • The vehicle might slip while braking, as a result of the fruits on the road, only when the roadway is wet from rain; hence, you don’t need to slow down.
  • The fruits on the roadway cannot cause the vehicle to lose its grip of the roadway; hence, you don’t need to slow down.
  • Slow down and drive carefully. The road’s conditions, e.g. the fruits on the road, prevent a good grip on the road.
Category : Safety


What is the first thing you need to do after entering the vehicle and before starting to drive?

  • Make sure the hand-brake is applied and adjust the driver’s seat.
  • Start the engine and adjust the seat for safe driving.
  • Adjust the seat besides the driver to allow the passenger coming-in from the right an easy entrance.
  • Make sure you have an extra set of keys (reserve set) for the vehicle.
Category : Safety


It is prohibited to start overtaking without verifying

  • Is it permitted? Will I manage to complete it safely, without any doubt?.
  • Does the road have a “hard shoulder”.
  • Does the insurance cover the damages in case of an accident?
  • What is the penalty for prohibited overtaking?
Category : Safety


What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

  • It prevents the vehicle behind you from overtaking you.
  • You create a safety distance between yourself and oncoming vehicle traffic.
  • There is no advantage in driving on the right side of the road, except for one-way roads only.
  • You Stay within the permitted distance of no more than 40cm from the road’s edge.
Category : Safety


What is a driver always required to do when another vehicle “sits on his tail”?

  • Step on the brake pedal abruptly and continuously.
  • Verify that the distance he keeps from the vehicle driving in front will allow him to brake moderately and avoid the risk of a collision from behind.
  • You have nothing to do. The one driving behind is always found guilty in case of an accident.
  • Accelerate immediately and increase the distance from the vehicle behind.
Category : Safety


A driver approaches a pedestrian crossing marked on the road.Although ther are no pedestrians on the crossing. The driver should,

  • Slow down to ensure that there no pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Pass with caution but no need to slow down.
  • Accelerate before pedestrians arrive
  • Sound the horn and accelerate to clear the crossing
Category : Safety


What is the most important safety rule while operating a PTO power transfer?

  • The power transfer should only be operated when the engine is already hot.
  • The power transfer should not be operated while driving, but only when the tractor is standing.
  • The power transfer should not be operated without the supervision of an additional operator on the ground.
  • Stay away from the moving parts of the tractor and of the attachment.
Category : Safety


What risk is a driver facing while making a right turn?

  • There is no risk because all road users are aware of the law and know that it is prohibited to be on the right side of a vehicle that makes a right turn.
  • There is no problem because pedestrians and two-wheeler drivers should not enter into a gap created on the right of a vehicle that makes a right turn.
  • There is no risk during the turn, because the law permits two-wheelers and other vehicles to turn at the same time.
  • Two-wheelers might enter the gap to his right during the turn.
Category : Safety


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Keep driving routinely when the road is clear.
  • Pass quickly next to the road sign.
  • Slow down and keep to the right; winding road ahead.
  • Honk before entering the curve.
Category : Safety


On which axle do the tractor’s service brakes act?

  • The rear axle.
  • There are no service brakes in a tractor.
  • The front axle.
  • On all axles.
Category : Safety


What are the “blind spots”?

  • Elements obstructing the driver’s rear view.
  • The areas around a vehicle in which its driver cannot notice other road users – neither by looking nor by glancing at the mirrors.
  • The area in front of the vehicle only in which the driver can spot pedestrians.
  • The area behind the vehicle only in which the driver cannot notice other vehicles - neither by looking nor by glancing at the mirrors or by any other means.
Category : Safety


What are we required to check and verify before starting-up the vehicle’s engine?

  • That the foot brake is pressed, the parking brake secured, the gear handle is in Neutral (N) and the clutch is pressed (in automatic vehicles – Parking (P))
  • The parking brake is released, the gear handle is in first gear and the clutch is pressed.
  • The parking brake is released, the gear handle is on Neutral (in automatic vehicles – N) and the clutch is pressed.
  • The parking brake is secured, the gear handle is on first gear (in automatic vehicles – D) and the clutch is pressed.
Category : Safety


What would you do when driving at night and you are dazzled )blinded) by a vehicle approaching from your opposite direction?

  • Slow down, keep to the right and look at the yellow line or at the right edge of the road.
  • Honk strongly to alert the other driver that he is blinding you.
  • Stop on the right of the road and turn on the parking lights until the blinding vehicle passes.
  • Turn on the high beam to improve your field of vision.
Category : Safety


“Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?

  • Correct.
  • Incorrect. There is no connection between the drinking alcohol and the driver’s ability to respond.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves the ability to concentrate.
  • Incorrect. Alcohol improves your mood.
Category : Safety


Driving behind the heavy vehicle in the given road conditions, obligate you to:

  • The road conditions do not require any special conduct.
  • Drive closely behind the heavy vehicle ahead.
  • Keeping distance is not necessary because the speed is anyway slow.
  • Keep your distance, drive slowly and patiently.
Category : Safety


Which of the following accessories reduces passenger impact severity during an accident?

  • Seat belts, airbags and head rests.
  • Head rests and the brake and clutch pedals.
  • Rear windshield wipers and head rests.
  • Fog lights and orthopedic seats.
Category : Safety


When you are overtaking another vehicle on a two-lane two-way roadway:

  • Don’t worry: The overtaken vehicle should deviate to the right and allow you to overtake it easily.
  • You are commiting a traffic violation! This type of overtaking is illegal.
  • You take a risk of another vehicle appearing in the opposite lane.
  • This type of overtaking usually last 30 seconds.
Category : Safety


“Beer is not considered as an alcoholic drink”:

  • Correct. Beer is regarded as an alcoholic drink, but it doesn’t influence driving at all.
  • Incorrect. The influence of beer is similar to that of any other alcoholic drink.
  • Correct. Beer is not regarded as an alcoholic drink.
  • Correct, but the influence of beer is different than that of other alcoholic drinks.
Category : Safety


What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

  • You are not preventing other vehicles from overtaking
  • There is no advantage in keeping to the right side while driving.
  • It is easier to see the incoming traffic from your opposite direction.
  • It allows an increased response time while overtaking.
Category : Safety


What is the required conduct of a driver that exits a dirt road and intends to enter a paved road?

  • He should allow traffic from his right to continue driving undisturbed, and then enter the road.
  • He should enter the paved road: A vehicle exiting a dirt road has priority over vehicles driving on a paved road.
  • He should give way to all vehicles on the paved road, from right and left, and then enter the road.
  • He should honk, blink his lights and enter the paved road.
Category : Safety


How is a driver supposed to deal with a situation in which pedestrians are crossing his driving lane on a crossing whilst he is making a right turn?

  • He should continue driving, because vehicles have priority of passage in intersections and therefore pedestrians must wait.
  • Slow down and even stop, and allow the pedestrians to cross at the pedestrian crossing.
  • Honk to warn the pedestrians and continue driving into the intersection.
  • Continue driving into the intersection, regardless of the pedestrians.
Category : Safety


What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

  • It helps to escape quickly to the “hard shoulders” in case of danger.
  • It allows you to stay within the permitted distance of 40cm from the road’s edge.
  • There is no advantage in driving on the right side of the road, except for one-way roadways.
  • It reduces the response distance in case of immediate danger.
Category : Safety


What should a driver always do before making left a U-turn?

  • Make sure that the proper gear is shifted and that the headlights are turned on.
  • Make sure that the turn is permitted and that it doesn’t cause any traffic disturbance.
  • Alert about his intention by turning on the four direction indicators.
  • Position the vehicle on the right of the road from which he intends to turn.
Category : Safety

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