You are driving vehicle no. 3. To which of the following vehicles would you give right-of-way?

  • To none of them. You have right-of-way on the straight road (3).
  • To the motorcyclist (1) and to the cyclist (2).
  • To the cyclist only (2).
  • To the motorcyclist only (1).
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is the Licensing Authority allowed to revoke or suspend an existing driver’s license?

  • No, only the Israel Police is allowed to do so.
  • Yes, the Authority is allowed to do so, on the grounds of driving competence and medical fitness.
  • No, only a court of law is allowed to do so.
  • Yes, the Authority is allowed to revoke a driver’s license at its own discretion and for any reason.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How would you conduct yourself when approaching a vehicle standing on the “hard shoulder”?

  • Honk to the driver of the parked vehicle.
  • Slow down.
  • Drive faster.
  • Signal and move to the left lane.
Category : Safety


Under what condition is it permitted to drive a motorcycle?

  • Wearing a standard helmet that is secured to the rider’s head and will not fall-off whist driving.
  • The motorcyclist should have a rescue kit in case of an accident.
  • The motorcyclist should ensure that the fuel tank is full and secured before beginning to drive.
  • The rider must wear a helmet, even if it is not secured to the rider’s head.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How should we behave whilst driving downhill?

  • Shift into a high gear and keep the clutch pedal pressed for greater safety.
  • Shift into neutral gear, in order to save fuel.
  • Shift into one of the drive gears and keep the clutch pedal pressed.
  • Whilst driving down hill we must make sure that one of the gears is engaged.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is a driver always required to do when another vehicle “sits on his tail”?

  • Step on the brake pedal abruptly and continuously.
  • Verify that the distance he keeps from the vehicle driving in front will allow him to brake moderately and avoid the risk of a collision from behind.
  • You have nothing to do. The one driving behind is always found guilty in case of an accident.
  • Accelerate immediately and increase the distance from the vehicle behind.
Category : Safety


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Caution! Pedestrian path.
  • Pedestrian crossing ahead.
  • Zebra crossing for children only.
  • Caution! Children nearby.
Category : Traffic Signs


What will be the result of moderate driving, without performing heavy engine accelerations?

  • Savings in the vehicle’s electricity consumption.
  • Engine fuel consumption savings.
  • Driving becomes longer than necessary.
  • Engine oil consumption savings.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • A distance of about 250 meters to an approaching level crossing.
  • It is prohibited to stop within a distance of 120 meters before the railway tracks.
  • A distance of about 70 meters to an approaching level crossing.
  • Approach to a level crossing. Approx 200metres before the crossing
Category : Traffic Signs


Can a “blood alcohol test” by means of a breathalyzer device be considered admissible evidence in a court of law?

  • No, only a blood test is admissible evidence in a court of law.
  • No, only a saliva test is accepted as accurate evidence in a court of law.
  • Yes.
  • No, only an alcohol test which is performed in a hospital is admissible evidence.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Slow down and be ready to brake or turn to avoid the pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Give right-of-way to traffic from the opposite direction.
  • Drive faster and cross the place quickly.
  • Honk continuously before the road sign.
Category : Traffic Signs


You are driving in the direction of the arrow. What is the meaning of the road marking to your left?

  • One-way road ahead.
  • Beginning of a rough road ahead.
  • A continuous separation line will appear shortly.
  • Separation area on a non-urban road.
Category : Traffic Signs


A vehicle examiner or a policeman carrying a traffic examiner certificate who finds technical flaws in a vehicle, may:

  • Summon the vehicle owner for an inquiry at the Israel Garage Association.
  • Notify the driver that the vehicle is taken off the road and take away the vehicle’s registration documents.
  • He is not permitted to do anything. An examiner or a policeman is not authorized to examine a vehicle on the road.
  • Send the vehicle to a Licensing Facility to undergo an additional semiannual test.
Category : Rules and Regulations


the law demands that a pillion passenger on a motorcycle will:

  • place both feet on a support either side of a motorcycle
  • the passenger will be over 6 yrs. old
  • the passenger will be over 10yrs. old
  • the passenger will be over 12 yrs. old.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the minimum distance that it is permitted to park near a fire hydrant?

  • Two meters in any direction from the fire hydrant.
  • Six meters from either side of the fire hydrant.
  • Twelve meters from either side of the fire hydrant.
  • Twenty meters from either side of the fire hydrant.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a policeman, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

  • Yes, except for directions which contradict a stop sign.
  • Yes, it is obligatory to obey with full caution.
  • No, it is not obligatory to obey
  • Yes, except for directions which contradict a no-entry sign.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Driving at night with the high beam can cause:

  • It doesn’t disturb other drivers.
  • The dazzling ( blinding )of other drivers.
  • Damage to the vehicle’s lighting system, particularly to the headlights.
  • There is no statutory restriction on the use of the high beam while driving.
Category : Safety


The traffic light in your direction of driving is green. To what are you required to pay attention when approaching it?

  • Ignore the handicap vehicle parked on the right.
  • Pay attention only to the light shown in the traffic light.
  • Approach and cross the intersection quickly.
  • The sudden appearance of pedestrians emerging from between the parked vehicles.
Category : Safety


You are driving vehicle no. 3. According to the rules of giving right-of-way, in what order should the vehicles enter the intersection?

  • The cyclist (2), the blue vehicle (1), the vehicle you are driving (3).
  • The vehicle you are driving (3), the motorcyclist (2), the blue vehicle (1).
  • The vehicle that continues driving straight will go first into the intersection.
  • The blue vehicle (1), the motorcyclist (2), the vehicle you are driving (3).
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do when the following road marking appears on your left?

  • You are prohibited from crossing the unbroken separation line.
  • Slow down and move to the left of the road.
  • You should always drive on the right side of the lines.
  • You may cross the lines when the broken line is on the right of the continuous line.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following road marking?

  • Parking line (parking space for vehicles or animals).
  • Waiting line (in a place where there is no traffic sign).
  • Vehicle parking-space ahead.
  • Stop line, a place for stopping a vehicle when it is necessary to do so..
Category : Traffic Signs


According to the traffic signs appearing in the picture, the road that turns to the left is:

  • A restricted non-urban road.
  • A freeway.
  • A inter-urban road.
  • Not a main road.
Category : Traffic Signs


Upon completion of the two year “new driver” period, a regular driver’s license will not be given to a “new driver” who was convicted of:

  • Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
  • Not stopping next to a “stop” sign before an intersection.
  • Not placing a warning triangle while his malfunctioning vehicle was left standing on the road.
  • Driving a motor vehicle without valid insurance.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do if you detect a malfunction in the braking system while driving?

  • Slow down and try to accustom yourself to the situation and complete your drive safely.
  • Slow down and rely on the ABS System.
  • Continue driving very carefully and use the parking brake.
  • Stop driving immediately and ensure that the vehicle is towed to a garage and checked there.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


You are driving in the left lane of a one-way road. The driver in the right lane before you slowed down due to a pedestrian crossing the road from right to left. You are close to the pedestrian crossing, and therefore:

  • You should accelerate and quickly pass the crossing before the pedestrian arrives.
  • Use the horn to warn the passenger and quickly pass before him.
  • Continue driving normally; the pedestrian should make sure not to do anything risky and not to disturb you.
  • You should slow down and allow the pedestrian to finish crossing.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the light appearing in the following traffic light?

  • If the intersection is clear, you may carefully cross it without stopping.
  • Red light: Stop.
  • Red light: Stop, unless you cannot stop safely.
  • Stop for a moment, give right-of-way and carefully continue.
Category : Traffic Signs


Is a driver permitted to drive over the speed limit while overtaking?

  • Yes, when it is required in order to shorten the overtaking time.
  • No.
  • Yes, but only on a non-urban road.
  • Yes, but only on a multi-lane road and for a short time.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to drive a vehicle with a malfunctioning lighting system?

  • Yes, if one light is not functioning.
  • Yes, when the parking lights are malfunctioning.
  • No.
  • Yes, during day time only.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How should one change lanes?

  • Signal with the winker and make a short diagonal deviation to the intended lane.
  • After checking and taking account of the position and speed of other vehicles in the intended lane.
  • Drive as close as possible to the desired lane, and when no vehicle drives behind you – signal with the winker and make a short diagonal deviation to the intended lane.
  • Deviate quickly and fearlessly in a short diagonal, and verify that you are signaling with the winker.
Category : Safety


What is a driver required to do when there’s a change in his health condition?

  • Report about it immediately to the Licensing Bureau via registered mail.
  • Report about it to the Licensing Bureau, only if it is a result of an accident.
  • Report about it to the Licensing Authority within 15 days.
  • Report about it immediately to the Ministry of Health.
Category : Rules and Regulations

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