It is prohibited to stop or park a vehicle before and after a level crossing, within a distance of:

  • At least 30 meters.
  • At least 50 meters.
  • At least 25 meters.
  • At least 20 meters.
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What is the penalty for driving whilst disqualified?

  • A fine of 80,000 NIS
  • 6 yrs in jail and 2 yrs on probation.
  • None, if the driver presents a valid driver’s license within 7 days
  • Up to 3 years in jail, plus other penalties.
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Is a motorcycle or a motorcycle with sidecar permitted to drive by the side of another motorcycle in the same lane?

  • Yes, on an urban road only.
  • Yes, but only on a freeway and when they are in the same lane.
  • Yes, only for the purpose of lawfully overtaking or passing another vehicle.
  • Absolutely not, even whilst overtaking.
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A vehicle examiner or a policeman carrying a traffic examiner certificate who finds technical flaws in a vehicle, may:

  • Summon the vehicle owner for an inquiry at the Israel Garage Association.
  • Notify the driver that the vehicle is taken off the road and take away the vehicle’s registration documents.
  • He is not permitted to do anything. An examiner or a policeman is not authorized to examine a vehicle on the road.
  • Send the vehicle to a Licensing Facility to undergo an additional semiannual test.
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When crossing an intersection with one lane in each driving direction:

  • You are allowed to overtake, but you must finish the overtaking after the intersection.
  • You are allowed to overtake carefully vehicles with more than two wheels.
  • You are only allowed to overtake a slow vehicle.
  • It is prohibited to overtake and it is prohibited to try to overtake within the intersection’s boundaries, except if you are overtaking a two-wheeler.
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From which lane is it permitted to perform a U-turn to the left?

  • From a left-hand lane or from any other lane, provided that there is no road marking or road sign that prohibit turning from this lane.
  • Only from the left lane.
  • Only from a lane in which a straight (forward) arrow is marked on the roadway.
  • From the lane in which a straight (forward) arrow is marked, that is closest to the separation area.
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Is it permitted to drive through a railway crossing when the barrier is moving downwards or upwards?

  • It is permitted to drive through, as long as you drive carefully.
  • It is allowed for as long as the barrier doesn’t reach its bottom position and locks.
  • It is allowed when the barrier starts to rise.
  • No.It is prohibited for as long as the barrier is in movement to any direction or when it is horizontally positioned.
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What does the law state as regards to a vehicle driver refusing to undergo a Breathalyzer test at the request of a policeman?

  • He shall not be allowed to continue holding a driver’s license without performing an alcohol test.
  • Actual revocation of his driver’s license for a period of at least five years.
  • Actual revocation of his driver’s license for a period of at least two years and a permanent suspended revocation.
  • He shall be considered a drunk driver.
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Who are obliged to act cautiously?

  • All road users.
  • Driving students only.
  • Only drivers.
  • Only pedestrians.
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Is it permitted to stop any type of vehicle where the following signpost is placed?

  • Yes, during day time only.
  • Yes, when there are many available parking spaces.
  • It is forbidden, except for a vehicle with a tag, as stated on the sign.
  • Any vehicle having a regular handicapped pass is allowed to park there when the spot is available.
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From the answers before you, where especially should a driver slow down?

  • Whilst driving on an inter-urban road with a built centre divider.
  • Whilst driving on an inter-urban road without a built centre divider.
  • At the entrance to and whilst driving through a tunnel.
  • Whilst driving on an inter-urban road.
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What should a driver of an overtaken vehicle do?

  • He should continue driving without changing his speed and driving lane.
  • An overtaken vehicle should take no interest in the overtaking vehicle, and should continue driving normally.
  • Deviate as much as possible to the road’s edge, without changing his speed.
  • Stop at the side of the road and allow the traffic to pass him.
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Whilst driving, it is permitted to take one hand off the wheel for the following purpose only:

  • Receiving a mobile phone call.
  • Change gears.
  • Reading or sending an SMS Message.
  • Adjusting the passenger seat besides the driver.
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When are we not obligated to drive a private passenger car in the right lane?

  • When another vehicle overtakes us from the left.
  • When you pass another vehicle from its right side.
  • When the right lane is designated for another type of road users (e.g. public transportation lane).
  • When another vehicle that is driving on the left side of the road signals about its intention to start drive.
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When is it permitted to park on the left side of the road?

  • In any urban road.
  • In any one-way road.
  • In any road, provided that the deviation to the left is performed carefully.
  • Only in a one-way roadway which is not part of a road that has a separation area.
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Which documents should a driver be in possession of whilst driving?

  • Valid driving license, vehicle registration, compulsory insurance certificate and any other lawfully issued certificate
  • Driving license and vehicle registration only
  • Identity card, driving license, comprehensive insurance certificate and a certification of a towing arrangement for the vehicle
  • Identity card, driving license and a certificate testifying about the vehicle’s proper functioning signed by a manager of a garage
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Is a driver permitted to send an S.M.S message from his phone while driving?

  • The driver is permitted to send and read S.M.S messages, provided that he does it with care.
  • He is permitted to send S.M.S messages but not to read ones.
  • It is absolutely prohibited, and dangerous.
  • He is permitted to read S.M.S messages but not to send ones.
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It prohibited to overtake before a pedestrian crossing:

  • Always.
  • Only on a non-urban road.
  • Only on a two-way urban road.
  • Only when a “pedestrian crossing ahead” sign is placed.
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Is it permitted to stand a vehicle less than twelve meters from a junction?

  • Yes, provided that the vehicle stands opposite to the direction of traffic.
  • Yes, in a two-lane road.
  • No, unless it is permitted by the Local Traffic Sign Authority, by means of an appropriate signpost or marking.
  • Yes, unless otherwise marked.
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When a rider cries a pillion passanger the law obliges:

  • The passenger feet will be on the foot support at all times.
  • The pillion rider will hold the hips of the rider all times.
  • The pillion passnger will be a least 8 years old.
  • Both the passengers legs will be on the right side of the motorcycle.
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What is a driver obliged to do when an emergency vehicle on duty appears behind him?

  • Slow down and deviate to the right if the road has only one lane.
  • Stop on the right side of the road, away from the intersection, and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.
  • Slow down and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.
  • No action is required when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind.
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What does the law state regarding the placing or leaving of objects on a road?

  • Objects which might disturb or endanger passersby or their vehicles should not be placed or left on a road.
  • Objects that are left on a road should be cleared away within 12 hours.
  • It is allowed to leave objects, but the Ministry of Environmental Protection should be immediately informed about every object that is placed on a road.
  • It is allowed to leave any object on a road, provided that it is marked with a reflector during “light time”.
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How should those involved in a road accident, which resulted in property damage only, conduct themselves?

  • Exchange identifying details and wait for the rescue forces without moving any of the involved vehicles.
  • Clear their vehicles away from the roadway, without delay, and exchange identifying details.
  • Report to the police and wait for its instructions.
  • Call the rescue forces and wait at the place of the accident without moving any of the involved vehicles.
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Is it permitted to drive under the influence of sedatives?

  • Absolutely not, unless it is indicated otherwise in the medication’s prescription.
  • Yes, sedatives have no affect on driving.
  • It is permitted to take sedation pills half an hour before driving.
  • Only if the driver tends to be influenced by a certain medication.
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When you are driving behind a “security vehicle”, you should:

  • Drive at a distance of at least 50 meters behind it.
  • Drive at a distance of at least 100 meters behind it.
  • Drive at a distance of at least 200 meters behind it.
  • Drive at a distance of at least 150 meters behind it.
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Where in the vehicle should the fluorescent vest be kept (except for motor-cycles)?

  • In the driver compartment.
  • Next to the spare (reserve) wheel.
  • In the vehicle’s trunk.
  • In the vehicle’s engine.
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The depth of the grooves in a tire (pneumatic-air pressure) which comes in contact with the road should not be less than:

  • 2mm, excluding the spare tire.
  • 2cm, including the spare tire.
  • 2cm, excluding the spare tire.
  • 2mm, including the spare tire.
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A certain restriction is shown in the following picture. What is the reason for the restriction?

  • Overtaking is restricted due to limited field of vision.
  • Overtaking is restricted due to speed limit.
  • Overtaking is restricted for commercial vehicles only, due to traffic congestion.
  • The restriction is within the speed limit.
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In case of a driver incurring 36 demerit points or more:

  • The Licensing Authority is not authorized to revoke his license based on the point system.
  • Only a court of law is allowed and authorized to revoke his license.
  • The Licensing Authority shall revoke his driver’s license for a period of three months and he will be required to undergo a theory exam..
  • The Licensing Authority may recommend a court of law to permanently revoke his license
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For how long is it permitted to leave a broken-down vehicle on a road or in a public place?

  • It should be cleared away as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours.
  • Until the rescue vehicle arrives, provided that it doesn’t exceed a period of one week.
  • It should be moved away as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours.
  • For the period in which it is being repaired, provided that it doesn’t exceed 72 hours.
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Theory test for motorcycles

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