Where would you stop when the traffic light in the intersection ahead displays a red light?

  • After the pedestrian crossing, and if there isn’t one - wherever you have the best field of view.
  • Before the stop line, and if there is a pedestrian crossing – stop before the crossing.
  • Always wherever you have the best field of view.
  • After the stop line, and if there is no stop line - before the intersection line.
Category : Traffic Signs


When driving on a two-way road and visibility is poor:

  • You should horn while overtaking to warn the overtaken vehicle.
  • It is permitted to overtake, unless a “no overtaking” sign is placed.
  • You should turn on the parking lights while overtaking.
  • It is forbidden to overtake.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When may a police officer revoke a driver’s license for a period of ninety days?

  • When the driver is involved in a car accident in which only property damage was caused
  • When the driver disobeys a stop sign
  • When a driver involved in an accident is reasonably suspected of causing the death of a person.
  • When the driver fails to give right of way.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Parking at an angle on a roadway:

  • Is allowed when there are designated markings on the road.
  • Is forbidden, except for motor scooters and motorcycles.
  • Is forbidden, except for vehicles in a length of 3.5 meters or less.
  • Is only allowed in a wide roadway.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The depth of the grooves in a tire (pneumatic-air pressure) which comes in contact with the road should not be less than:

  • 2mm, excluding the spare tire.
  • 2cm, including the spare tire.
  • 2cm, excluding the spare tire.
  • 2mm, including the spare tire.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Are you required to give right-of-way to the cyclist?

  • No, because a non-motor vehicle should give right-of-way to a motor vehicle.
  • No, because bicycles are not given right-of-way.
  • No, because right-of-way is given to the vehicle that continues driving straight.
  • Yes, because the cyclist approaches from the right (1).
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is the Licensing Authority (Licensing Bureau) permitted to delay the renewal of a driving license for a person who has a pending fine?

  • The Licensing Bureau is only permitted to delay renewal if the fine was accompanied by the issuance of demerit points, based on the traffic point system.
  • Yes. It is permitted to delay renewal due to fines imposed by any governmental body.
  • No. The Licensing Bureau is not permitted to delay license renewal without the consent of the driving license holder.
  • Yes, but only if the fine was imposed due to a traffic offense.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Two-way traffic on the road ahead.
  • Entry to the boundaries of an urban road/s.
  • Give right-of-way to drivers approaching from the opposite direction.
  • You have right-of-way over traffic from the opposite direction.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which sign warns of the presence of wild animals ahead?

  • 146.
  • 411.
  • 414.
  • 635.
Category : Traffic Signs


On which part of a road should a cyclist ride?

  • As close as possible to the road’s left edge, facing the incoming traffic.
  • As close as possible to the right hand side of the road.
  • Where all other vehicles are driving.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to ride bicycle on any part of a road.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Road for motor vehicles only.
  • You have right of way in the road that crosses.
  • No through road (cul-de-sac) to your right.
  • Special entrance to schools or kindergartens.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which of the following sentences is correct: The law prohibit drivers from making a left U-turn:

  • When a U-turn prohibiting sign is placed.
  • Where the vehicle cannot be observed by other drivers approaching from any direction.
  • All the answers are correct.
  • When he approaches a steep peak or a curve in the road.
Category : Rules and Regulations


The vehicle coming from your opposite direction (1) started to turn to his left. How would you respond?

  • Turn right to avoid collision.
  • Maintain your current speed and take right of way.
  • Honk to warn the driver and maintain your driving speed.
  • Slow down or stop and allow the white vehicle in the intersection to complete the turn..
Category : Safety


For safety reasons, it is required to install light-reflecting plates on the rear wall of a trailer or a semi-trailer. Hence, which of the following sentences is correct?

  • It is obligatory to install one 30cm X 60cm plate plate at the center of the vehicle’s rear wall.
  • It is obligatory to install 2 plates on a vehicle with a width of more than 150cm. The plates’ outside frame should be red and the rest yellow.
  • Three red/yellow plates should be installed on vehicles with a width of more than 200cm.
  • The plates will only be installed according to the requirements of the Licensing Bureau and in accordance with the directions of the chief examiner.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • A path for bicycles only.
  • Driver pay attention, bicycles passing.
  • Designated lane for motorcycles and bicycles only.
  • No entry for bicycles.
Category : Traffic Signs


You are driving a heavy truck down a steep and long descent. When should you shift to an appropriate low gear?

  • The gears are insignificant for slowing down, but you must use the speed retarders intelligently.
  • There is no need to shift to low gear. You should shift to high gear and regulate your speed with the speed retarder, to increase safety.
  • You should shift to low gear towards the end of the descent.
  • You should shift to low gear at the beginning of the descent.
Category : Safety


There are no traffic signs placed in the following intersection, According to the rules of giving right-of-way, in what order should vehicles that arrived at the same time enter the intersection?

  • You enter first (3), then the red vehicle (2), and the green vehicle will enter last (1).
  • First enters the green vehicle (1), the red vehicle next (2) and you go last (3).
  • The green vehicle (1) first, then you (3), and the red vehicle will enter last (2).
  • The order is simple - first to arrive is last to drive.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the speed limit after this traffic sign?

  • 50 k.p.h.
  • 20 k.p.h.
  • 30 k.p.h.
  • 60 k.p.h.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher?

  • Only private passenger cars.
  • All motor vehicles, except for private passenger cars, tractors and motorcycles.
  • All motor vehicles.
  • Only two-wheelers.
Category : Safety


Which type of "city policing" vehicle is permitted to emit a blue light with a flashing yellow light?

  • Rescue vehicles.
  • Ambulances.
  • Integrated policing vehicles.
  • Fire fighting vehicles.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is a commercial vehicle in accordance with the Carrier Services Law?

  • Any commercial vehicle used for paid transportation only.
  • Vehicles used for passenger transportation only.
  • A vehicle with an all up weight of 10,000 kg or more and a vehicle transporting hazardous materials of any weight.
  • A commercial vehicle, as per its lawful definition, that was given a permit to carry goods and transport passengers.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How should those involved in a road accident, which resulted in property damage only, conduct themselves?

  • Exchange identifying details and wait for the rescue forces without moving any of the involved vehicles.
  • Clear their vehicles away from the roadway, without delay, and exchange identifying details.
  • Report to the police and wait for its instructions.
  • Call the rescue forces and wait at the place of the accident without moving any of the involved vehicles.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the overall permitted length of a commercial vehicle with an overall permissible weight of more than 12,000kg?

  • Ten meters.
  • 12 meters.
  • 11.70 meters.
  • 11 meters.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the marked vehicle required to do when the following marking appears on the road?

  • The driver should not cross the separation line, but he is permitted to make a left U-turn.
  • The driver of the marked vehicle should drive on the right of the lines, and he is prohibited from crossing the continuous separation line.
  • The marked vehicle is permitted to cross the unbroken separation line.
  • The marked vehicle should drive on the left side of the unbroken line.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Give right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Slow down and shift into neutral gear.
  • Cross this road-section quickly.
  • Slow down and be very cautious. Prepare for a possible sudden braking.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which traffic sign marks the final warning before a level crossing?

  • 128
  • 133
  • 131
  • 132
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following road marking?

  • Two-way traffic ahead.
  • One-way traffic ahead.
  • Traffic islands (in different shapes), marked on the road in white.
  • Arrows for driving through the intersection – you may cross the intersection in the direction of the arrow only.
Category : Traffic Signs


When is it permitted to turn left, from a lane other than the left lane?

  • It is permitted when two or more left turn lanes are marked on the roadway.
  • It is only permitted from a one-way road to another one-way road.
  • It is permitted in an intersection with traffic lights only.
  • It is prohibited to turn.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the risk in shifting gears while driving a heavy vehicle down a steep descent?

  • There is no risk in shifting gears, and gears are not so important, as long as one of them is operated.
  • Shifting gears while driving down a steep descent is not dangerous.
  • There is no danger. By shifting from low gear to high gear while driving on a steep descent, the vehicle can drive faster.
  • There is a risk that the gear would not shift and the vehicle would stay in neutral gear.
Category : Safety


What sign warns of a traffic accident ahead?

  • 151
  • 150
  • 107
  • 127
Category : Traffic Signs

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