Is it permitted to stop any type of vehicle where the following signpost is placed?

  • Yes, during day time only.
  • Yes, when there are many available parking spaces.
  • It is forbidden, except for a vehicle with a tag, as stated on the sign.
  • Any vehicle having a regular handicapped pass is allowed to park there when the spot is available.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of an authorized municipal inspector, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

  • Yes, except in the case of a “stop” sign
  • No, it is not obligatory to obey
  • Yes, it is obligatory to obey, with full caution
  • Yes, except in the case of a “no-entry” sign
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the main function of the auxiliary brake (hand/parking brake)?

  • To assist new drivers in downhill braking.
  • To make sure that the vehicle doesn’t move while parked.
  • The auxiliary brake (hand/parking brake) has no function and it shouldn’t be used at all.
  • To enhance the braking capacity of the service/leg brake.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


What should you check before beginning to make a right-turn?

  • That the left mirror is adjusted correctly.
  • That there is no vehicle driving on my right.
  • That no vehicle is parked on the left side of the road.
  • That there is no vehicle driving on my left.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Stop and allow children who started to cross a pedestrian crossing to finish crossing.
  • Keep driving, even if pedestrians are crossing.
  • Always stop and allow children and elderly people to arrive to the pedestrian crossing and to safely cross it.
  • Slow down and be aware of pedestrians on the zebra crossing ahead.
Category : Traffic Signs


When the oil pressure check lamp lights-up while driving, you should:

  • Continue driving, provided that there is enough oil in the oil sump.
  • Continue driving in low gear until the garage (provided that it doesn’t take more than half an hour)
  • Stop the vehicle immediately and shut-off the engine.
  • Continue driving if the engine’s thermometer indicates normal engine temperature.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Entrance to a one-way street.
  • Freeway ahead.
  • Follow the direction of the arrow. No entry for bicycles.
  • One-lane roadway ahead.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Slow down and obey the instructions of the workers and of all the road signs in the area.
  • Drive carefully, rough road ahead.
  • Cross the place quickly without disturbing passersby.
  • Driving permit should be obtained from the operating contractor.
Category : Traffic Signs


Can a short refreshment break whilst driving lessen the driver’s tiredness?

  • Yes, after a break of a few minutes you can drive continuously for many hours.
  • Yes, a short break would drive the tiredness away completely.
  • No, a short break is an ineffective way to fight tiredness.
  • Yes, for a short time.
Category : Safety


Can a temporary sign, which is posted under the direction of a police officer, be regarded as a legitimate traffic sign?

  • No, it is not a legitimate traffic sign
  • Yes, except in the case of a “no-entry” sign
  • Yes, it is regarded as a legitimate traffic sign
  • Yes, except in the case of a “stop” sign
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a driver permitted to drive over the speed limit while overtaking?

  • Yes, when it is required in order to shorten the overtaking time.
  • No.
  • Yes, but only on a non-urban road.
  • Yes, but only on a multi-lane road and for a short time.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the maximum number of passengers allowed in an combined commercial vehicle with an overall permissible weight of up to 3,500 kg?

  • As stated in the driver’s license, if at all.
  • One passenger next to the driver and three passengers in the back.
  • As stated on the vehicle license but not more than eight passengers, apart from the driver.
  • Two passengers next to the driver and four passengers in the back.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Where would you stop when the traffic light in the intersection ahead displays a red light?

  • After the pedestrian crossing, and if there isn’t one - wherever you have the best field of view.
  • Before the stop line, and if there is a pedestrian crossing – stop before the crossing.
  • Always wherever you have the best field of view.
  • After the stop line, and if there is no stop line - before the intersection line.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Give right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Slow down and shift into neutral gear.
  • Cross this road-section quickly.
  • Slow down and be very cautious. Prepare for a possible sudden braking.
Category : Traffic Signs


When driving behind a big truck:

  • When a “general danger” sign is placed, and due to the size of the truck, you should keep from it a distance that is thrice bigger than the statutory distance. .
  • Keep a safe distance for safe braking – The law requires a gap of not less than one second.
  • Keep a small as possible distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Due to the vehicle’s size - Keep a distance that doubles the statutory gap.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a vehicle driver allowed to exceed the speed limit while overtaking?

  • Yes, in a non-urban road only.
  • No.
  • Yes, in a freeway only.
  • Yes, when overtaking a motorcycle.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is a driver required to drive on an asphalt paved hard shoulder?

  • When driving a commercial motor vehicle with an overall permissible weight of more than 10,000 Kg.
  • When driving a motor vehicle that is forced to drive at a slow speed due to the cargo it is carrying or to the slope of the road.
  • When driving a bus with an overall permissible weight of more than 10,000 Kg.
  • Never. The law prohibits driving on the road’s edges.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What are you required to do when you see that the overtaking silver vehicle intends to return to the right lane?

  • Deviate to the left lane and overtake the vehicle in front.
  • Allow it to return safely and without disturbance.
  • Drive faster in the right lane and overtake the driver before he deviates to the right.
  • Honk to warn and deter the driver who deviates to the right.
Category : Safety


What is the meaning of the following symbol?

  • Paid parking lot for buses only.
  • Bus-repair parking lot.
  • Night parking lot for buses only.
  • "Park and go".
Category : Traffic Signs


Which traffic sign should be placed following traffic sign 135 shown in the picture?

  • 901
  • 306
  • 413
  • 226
Category : Traffic Signs


When you approach a pedestrian crossing that is marked on the road:

  • Overtaking is prohibited.
  • Careful overtaking is permitted in one-way road ways.
  • Overtaking is prohibited in urban roads. In inter-urban roads it is permitted.
  • Overtaking is permitted.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is “night time”?

  • The period of time in which it is required to turn on the vehicle’s parking lights
  • A period of heavy fog only
  • The period of time that starts 15 minutes following sunset and ends 15 minutes before sunrise
  • The period of time between sunset and the following sunrise.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What risks are caused when you deviate abruptly between lanes?

  • The deviation might delay other drivers.
  • You might end up in a lane that you are not allowed to be in.
  • Risk of hitting a vehicle that you didn’t see before deviating.
  • It is risky when the deviation takes too long.
Category : Safety


Which of the following three vehicles is not in the correct lane, according to the traffic sign?

  • All three are driving according to the law.
  • The light (private) vehicle (1).
  • The fire-engine (2).
  • The purple pickup truck (3).
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is the danger caused by fueling the vehicle while its engine is running?

  • There is no danger in keeping the engine running during vehicle fueling.
  • Combustion of fuel fumes by a spark.
  • When the engine is kept running, fuel consumption is increased.
  • Engine overheating might flare-up the fuel.
Category : Safety


How can we lower the vehicle’s fuel consumption?

  • Make sure to drive in the lowest gear.
  • Fill up the vehicle with a lower octane fuel than required.
  • Make as many strong engine accelerations as possible.
  • Change gear according to the correct speed and road conditions and avoid high engine revolutions.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


The following picture shows a pavement. Which of the following sentences is correct?

  • Motorcycles are permitted to use the pavement instead of the road.
  • The pavement is designed for pedestrians only.
  • Private passenger vehicles are always permitted to park temporarily on the pavement, when there is no parking space on the road.
  • Bicyclists are permitted to ride on the pavement as well.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Slow down and continue driving. It seems, from the looks of the pedestrians, that they noticed your intention to continue driving.
  • The pedestrians almost finished crossing. Continue driving and pass them carefully.
  • Honk continuously to the pedestrians so that they allow you to continue driving.
  • Stop, pedestrians are crossing the roadway.
Category : Safety


According to the law, is there any significance to the manner in which the freight is arranged on the vehicle?

  • The load on the axles is not significant as long as the overall weight is within permitted levels.
  • Only the load on the rear axles should not exceed the permitted load according to traffic regulations.
  • Yes,it should be ensured that the freight is arranged and anchored to the vehicle so it doesn’t fall off.
  • The load on the axles may exceed the load that was determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer or by regulations by up to 20%.
Category : Rules and Regulations


A vehicle driver must slow down when he:

  • Overtakes on a two-way road.
  • Arrives to the beginning of a steep uphill climb.
  • Overtakes on a one-way road.
  • Drives down a steep or long descent.
Category : Safety

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