What should you do when facing a structure, post or closed area, while driving on a two-way road?

  • You should continue driving according to size of the structure, post or closed area.
  • You are permitted to pass the place from either its right or left side
  • You should pass the place from its left side
  • You should pass on the right side, unless otherwise marked
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The all up width of a refrigeration unit commercial vehicle should not exceed:

  • 2.60 meters.
  • 2.50 meters.
  • 3.40 meters.
  • 2.55 meters.
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Which trailer can be towed by a class B driver’s license holder using a vehicle that is approved for towing?

  • When the all-up weight is not more than 1,500kilos
  • A trailer with an overall permissible weight of more than 1,500 kg.
  • A trailer with an overall permissible weight of no more than 2,000 kg.
  • None. A holder of such a license is absolutely forbidden to tow a trailer.
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Is it obligatory for vehicles to have a properly functioning speedometer?

  • No. It is not obligatory to have it functioning properly. It is enough if you drive according to speed limit.
  • Not always, only when a Techograph is installed in the vehicle.
  • No, it depends on the driver’s own discretion.
  • Yes, always.
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How many passengers are permitted to travel in a commercial vehicle with an overall permissible weight of more than 3,500kg?

  • According to the specifications of the driver’s license.
  • Only one passenger, sitting besides the driver.
  • According to the number of seats in the driver’s compartment only.
  • Up to 6 passengers, not including those sitting besides the driver.
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The use of which safety restraints is obligatory when driving children less than eight years of age?

  • A three-point safety belt only.
  • A safety seat or a booster.
  • A safety belt only.
  • A waist belt only.
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Under which conditions is it permitted to cross railway tracks?

  • You are only permitted to cross after giving right-of-way to the vehicles that drive away from the crossing, and without causing any disturbance to them.
  • When a “stop” sign or a “red” traffic light are placed in your direction of driving.
  • When the barrier starts to lift..
  • When the railway-crossing is free, with its barrier lifted, and you can be cross it safely.
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When driving behind a big truck:

  • When a “general danger” sign is placed, and due to the size of the truck, you should keep from it a distance that is thrice bigger than the statutory distance. .
  • Keep a safe distance for safe braking – The law requires a gap of not less than one second.
  • Keep a small as possible distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Due to the vehicle’s size - Keep a distance that doubles the statutory gap.
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It is allowed to make a U-turn:

  • Only when there is an unbroken white line.
  • From every lane, unless it is prohibited by a specific road sign.
  • Only in an intersection with traffic lights, where a left turn is permitted.
  • Only in an intersection without traffic lights where a left turn is permitted.
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Where in a vehicle should a fire extinguisher be placed?

  • Next to the battery, in a closed and locked place.
  • On the vehicle’s roof, having easy access, to enable quick operation
  • In a visible place with easy access to enable quick operation.
  • Next to the fuel tank, in a closed and locked place.
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Reverse lights:

  • Should not be installed in any vehicle other than a private passenger car.
  • Are only turned on when the driver shifts into reverse gear, and only for as long as the reverse gear is activated.
  • Are turned on by a separate switch, and should be accompanied by a warning buzz.
  • Are used during “light time” only.
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What is the maximum freight height permitted on a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of between 8000 kg to 15,000kg?

  • 3.50 meters.
  • 4.00 meters.
  • 3.80 meters.
  • 3.00 meters.
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Which vehicles are permitted to pass other vehicles on their right side?

  • Vehicles driving on a bus lane.
  • It is only permitted when the roadway’s width exceeds 12 meters.
  • Only slow vehicles on an urban road.
  • Only motorcycles, when the roadway’s width exceeds 6 meters.
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Define “motor vehicle”:

  • A vehicle propelled by a diesel engine only
  • A vehicle propelled by a gasoline engine only.
  • A vehicle, propelled by any power or mechanical means.
  • A vehicle with at least two wheels.
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In case of a driver incurring 36 demerit points or more:

  • The Licensing Authority is not authorized to revoke his license based on the point system.
  • Only a court of law is allowed and authorized to revoke his license.
  • The Licensing Authority shall revoke his driver’s license for a period of three months and he will be required to undergo a theory exam..
  • The Licensing Authority may recommend a court of law to permanently revoke his license
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Is a cyclist allowed to use a public transportation lane?

  • A cyclist may use a public transportation lane when it is the left lane only
  • Yes, when the lane is on the roadway’s right side
  • No, only motorcycles are allowed to use the public transportation lane
  • No, only public vehicles are allowed to use this lane
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How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to enter or cross the road?

  • Give way to the vehicles that are driving away from you in the road you are about to enter.
  • The rules for giving “right-of-way” in such an exit are identical to those that apply in the case of an intersection.
  • You must give way to vehicles coming from the right only.
  • Give-way to the approaching vehicles in the road you are about to enter.
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When pedestrians are forced to walk on the road way, on which side of it should they walk?

  • Next to the right “hard shoulder”.
  • Next to the left sidewalk.
  • Next to the road’s left edge, when they are facing the incoming traffic.
  • Next to the road’s right edge.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it permitted to load or unload passengers on a freeway (motorway)?

  • Only in day light.
  • Only for a public vehicle.
  • Yes, provided that the road edges are wide.
  • It is absolutely forbidden.
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How is a driver required to drive near a group of children?

  • Stop completely for as long as the children are near the road.
  • Continue driving in normal speed, provided that the pavements are wide.
  • Slow down, be prepared to stop and even stop if necessary..
  • Continue driving in normal speed, provided that he uses the horn to warn the children.
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According to the “point system”, when a driver incurs 12 to 22 points:

  • He shall be summoned to attend a corrective driving course and to undergo an exam.
  • He shall be required to undergo a medical check-up and a theory examination.
  • His driver’s license shall be revoked for a period of thirty days.
  • He shall be required to undergo a theory examination and his driver’s license shall be revoked.
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What is the meaning of this sign?

  • Flashing orange light warning of an approaching level crossing.
  • Flashing orange light at road works.
  • Constant (not flashing) Orange light when traffic lights are not working.
  • Constant (not flashing) orange light warning of an approaching forked junction.
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A “new driver” under 21 yrs should not carry in a private passenger car:

  • More than four passengers besides himself, unless he is accompanied by an escort.
  • More than four passengers, and provided that all of them are licensed to drive private vehicles.
  • More than two passengers besides himself, unless he is accompanied by an escort.
  • More than one passenger besides himself, unless he is accompanied by an escort.
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Is it obligatory to install parking lights on a vehicle that also has Extremity (width) side lights?

  • Yes, the side lights have a different color and cannot replace the parking lights.
  • Yes, parking lights should be installed on all vehicles, regardless of side lights.
  • No.
  • Yes, it is obligatory - in case the side lights malfunction.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is it permitted to overtake a vehicle on its right side?

  • When the other vehicle drives in the right lane and signals left.
  • When the other vehicle indicates and positions itself to turn left.
  • When there is an open lane to the right of the other vehicle.
  • When the other vehicle is in the central lane and signals right.
Category : Rules and Regulations


While overtaking or passing by another vehicle:

  • It is permitted to pass the speed limit for a moment, if necessary.
  • You should drive precisely at the same speed as the overtaken vehicle.
  • It is prohibited to drive over the speed limit.
  • You should drive 10 k.p.h slower than the overtaken vehicle.
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Is an escort of a new driver allowed to be under the influence of alcohol?

  • Yes, provided that one hour passes from the time of drinking.
  • Yes, provided that he is over 26 years of age.
  • Yes. An escort of a new driver does not drive the vehicle and it is therefore not important whether he is drunk or not.
  • No. A person under the influence of alcohol is not allowed to escort a new driver.
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Which vehicle is regarded as a “commercial vehicle”?

  • All vehicles besides private vehicles and passenger vehicles.
  • Any vehicle used to support the livelihood of its owner or driver.
  • A vehicle used or designed to transport freight for hire, for the purpose of the vehicle owner’s business and trade.
  • Vehicles used to carry goods for hire only.
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What is the statutory speed limit (in k.p.h) of a private minibus on a freeway (unless indicated otherwise by another road sign)?

  • 80
  • 110
  • 90
  • 100
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After parking your car besides the pavement, on the right side of an urban road:

  • You should verify that the passenger sitting in the left back seat gets out very carefully from the car to the road.
  • You should verify that the maximal distance between the car and the pavement is one meter.
  • Before getting out of the car, you should verify that this will not disturb any road user.
  • If the street is not lit, you should turn on the parking lights.
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