What factor might undermine seat belt functioning and efficiency whilst driving?

  • Exaggerated backward tilting of the seat’.
  • Driving on a rough road.
  • Driving while wearing few layers of clothes which are too hot.
  • Driver tiredness and sleepiness.
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What might happen to a vehicle when its wheels get locked?

  • The vehicle will lose its steering ability.
  • The vehicle will lose its braking ability.
  • Overheating of the engine.
  • The steering ability is not influenced.
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Wheels that are installed on the same axle must be:

  • Of the same manufacture date always.
  • Of the same size and in compliance with the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Of the same color.
  • Of the same manufacturer.
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What are you required to check when one of the vehicle’s lamps is not working?

  • The bulb and the fuse connected to it.
  • The intactness of the lamp’s lens.
  • The functionality of the lights handle.
  • The battery’s voltage.
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The required air pressure in the vehicle’s tires:

  • Is written on a sticker inside the vehicle.
  • Is written in the insurance policy.
  • Is written in the vehicle’s registration documents.
  • Is written in the insurance certificate.
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What is the permitted tyre size for a vehicle?

  • As determined by the tire manufacturer.
  • Any size of tire, as long as all the vehicle tires are of the same size.
  • As approved by a licensed garage.
  • As determined by the manufacturer and noted in the vehicle’s registration document.
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Which of the following warning indicators does not require the driver to stop driving when it lights-up?

  • Engine temperature.
  • The fuel level indicator.
  • Brakes failure.
  • Engine oil pressure.
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What is the function of the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System?

  • To control the engine’s fuel consumption.
  • To prevent the wheels from locking.
  • To reduce the danger of skidding.
  • To reduce the emission of burnt gases from the engine.
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How can we reduce air pollution caused by the vehicle’s gas emissions?

  • By washing the vehicle’s fuel tank once a month.
  • By keeping the engine and its surroundings clean.
  • It is impossible to reduce air pollution. It is a constant factor in the vehicle.
  • By regular maintenance of the vehicle’s engine and other systems.
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Which of the vehicle’s systems might cause an uneven wear of the front tires?

  • The air conditioning system.
  • The steering system.
  • The braking system.
  • The electricity system.
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Where would you place the jack stand while changing a wheel?

  • The place is insignificant.
  • In the place that was marked by the manufacturer, or in another strong and safe place, close to the wheel you want to replace.
  • As close as possible to the vehicle’s rear.
  • At the most convenient place for the driver.
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What safety measures should be taken before lifting the vehicle with a jack stand?

  • You should prevent vehicle movement (by putting on the hand brake and placing blocks under the wheels) and loosen wheel retaining/screw nuts.
  • You should verify that the vehicle stands on a straight and horizontal surface.
  • You should shift the gear handle to neutral and release the parking brake.
  • You should first lift the vehicle from another corner, to verify that the jack stand is functioning properly.
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What is the function of the vehicle’s dashboard( Control panel)

  • To control and receive information from the vehicle’s different systems.
  • The dashboard regulates the engine systems, and prevents tire wear.
  • To serve as an additional security measure during frontal collisions.
  • To control the sound system in the driver’s compartment only.
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Which type of bulb would you use when required to change a bulb in the vehicle?

  • It is permitted to change a bulb in a certified licensing facility only.
  • A bulb, stipulated in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • It is prohibited to change a bulb without the permission of the treating garage.
  • The type of the bulb is unimportant, as long as it works.
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What is the consequence of tyre pressure that is too low?

  • Low tire air pressure has no effect on driving.
  • Increased driving noise.
  • Increased fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • Easy-to-turn steering wheel.
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You may reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption by:

  • Driving calmly within the speed limit and making sure that the tire pressure is correct.
  • Driving calmly within speed limit, using the lowest gear.
  • Driving as slow as possible and reducing the vehicle’s excess weight.
  • Driving as fast as possible and reducing the vehicle’s excess weight.
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When are you required to check engine oil level?

  • After starting-up the engine in the morning.
  • Before starting-up the engine and on a straight surface.
  • At the end of a drive and on a straight surface.
  • After starting-up the engine and on a straight surface.
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When the tire air pressure is too low, it might cause:

  • Quick wear and tear of the braking system.
  • Easy wheel manipulation.
  • Tire overheating.
  • Low fuel consumption.
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The level of which types of fluids is a driver required to check in his vehicle?

  • Clutch oil and engine oil.
  • Steering wheel oil and clutch oil.
  • Brake fluid and air-condition gas.
  • Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and windshield cleaning fluid.
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Who is permitted to repair vehicle safety part failures?

  • Every driver having know-how and experience in the field of vehicle mechanics.
  • Every professional in any vehicle repair garage.
  • Every driver, as long as he follows the manufacturer’s manual.
  • A qualified mechanic at a licensed garage only.
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What danger might be caused due to low air pressure in one of the front wheels?

  • The steering wheel might be pulled to the direction of the wheel with the higher air pressure.
  • There is no danger, as long as the pressure level is at least half of the required pressure.
  • There is no risk. The air pressure in the front wheels is of no importance.
  • The steering wheel might be pulled to the direction of the wheel with the lower air pressure.
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What is the function of the ABS system?

  • To prevent tire wear.
  • To prevent excessive use of the vehicle’s brakes.
  • To serve as an additional brake in case of danger.
  • To enable control and steering of the vehicle during braking.
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What is the required air pressure of the vehicle’s spare tire?

  • The average air pressure of all the vehicle’s tires.
  • The pressure stated by the manufacturer
  • The air pressure of the spare tire is of no importance.
  • A pressure equaling the lowest pressure in the vehicle’s tires.
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The correct vehicle tire size is:

  • The size that was determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • The size recommended by the tire professional in the garage (the tire repairman).
  • The size that was determined by the tire manufacturer.
  • The size that appears to be most suitable for the vehicle.
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How would you conduct yourself in case of brake overheating as a result of continuous braking?

  • Continue driving normally and don’t use the brakes much.
  • Use the parking brake temporarily.
  • Continue driving fast to ventilate the brakes.
  • Stop! Wait for the brakes to cool down and continue driving on very low gear.
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Why is it important for the vehicle to have intact bumpers (fenders)?

  • To give the vehicle an aesthetic look.
  • To reduce damage during accidents.
  • To avoid relatively minor accidents.
  • To prevent damage during serious accidents.
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What is the consequence of tyre pressure that is too low?

  • Increased driving noise at high speeds.
  • Increased wear and tear of the gear box.
  • Rapid wear and tear of the steering wheel.
  • Accelerated wear and tear of the tyres and reduced vehicle stability.
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By driving correctly and moderately, and maintaining proper tire air pressure:

  • The tires’ life span is prolonged.
  • The engine’s fuel consumption is increased.
  • The vehicle can drive faster.
  • The engine’s oil consumption is increased.
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For what reason might the indicator warning light on the dashboard flash too quickly?

  • When one of the indicator bulbs is not working or malfunctioning.
  • Malfunction of the dashboard.
  • Low battery voltage.
  • When the signal stick is not positioned properly.
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Wearing a seat belt as required:

  • Keeps the driver in an upright sitting position;
  • Reduces the extent of injury during an accident.
  • Keeps the driver alert.
  • Reduces the driver’s movement in his seat and prevents accidents.
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