What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Two-way traffic ahead.
  • You have right-of-way over vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.
  • The number of lanes is increasing.
  • You are permitted to use all lanes.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Making a right turn is forbidden.
  • Information road sign – T- junction to the right and then T-junction to the left
  • T-junction to the right.
  • In the intersection drive right only.
Category : Traffic Signs


How would you keep your vehicle balanced when approaching a curve in the roadway?

  • You should slow down before entering the curve, and accelerate when coming out of it.
  • You should shift into high gear.
  • You should shift into neutral gear.
  • You should drive faster before entering the curve.
Category : Safety


What are the actions you are required to take, before intentionally pulling onto the “hard shoulder” of a non-urban road?

  • Apart from giving a right signal on time, nothing else is required.
  • Slowing down and turning on the four winkers.
  • Good observations mainly to the rear, signaling appropriately and slowing down.
  • Slowig down and turning the steering wheel towards the “hard shoulder” as quickly as possible.
Category : Safety


What effective solution for tiredness is available to the driver?

  • Turning on the fog lights.
  • Stopping and resting.
  • Adjusting the speed to his level of tiredness (driving slower the more tired he is).
  • Turning on the wipers and solving a cryptic crossword.
Category : Safety


How would you conduct yourself when approaching an intersection that is preceded by a “stop” sign?

  • Stop and give right-of-way to any other vehicle that is entering or approaching the intersection from a different roadway.
  • Give right-of-way to any other vehicle that is entering or approaching the intersection from a different roadway.
  • You are only obliged to stop when vehicle traffic on the crossing road is approaching from your right.
  • You are only obliged to stop when a policeman instructs you to do so.
Category : Traffic Signs


Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a military policeman in uniform?

  • No, only for the purpose of stopping a vehicle
  • Yes, equally to a civil policeman
  • No, only as regards to the presentation of a driver’s license
  • Usually not
Category : Rules and Regulations


A bus lane may also be used by vehicles of:

  • Holders of a handicap tag issued by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Handicapped people, even when they are not inside the vehicle.
  • Paraplegic (wheel chair) tag holders.
  • Any handicapped person having a regular handicap tag.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What type of vehicle is obliged to have its inside lights turned-on during “light time”?

  • Taxis.
  • None: Inside lights in vehicles should not be turned-on. The light reflects in the front windshield and disturbs the driver.
  • Any commercial vehicle transporting passengers for hire.
  • Buses.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which of the following road signs directs traffic to an interchange leading to a Freeway ( motorwat)

  • 616
  • 617
  • 615
  • 613
Category : Traffic Signs


In the following illustration you can see a wide road. Which of the numbers within the illustration marks a road way?

  • 1
  • 3
  • 2
  • 5
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is it obligatory for vehicles to have a properly functioning speedometer?

  • No. It is not obligatory to have it functioning properly. It is enough if you drive according to speed limit.
  • Not always, only when a Techograph is installed in the vehicle.
  • No, it depends on the driver’s own discretion.
  • Yes, always.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Under which conditions is a vehicle allowed to deviate from its line of driving?

  • Provided that no risk or disturbance is caused to any passerby.
  • It is allowed to deviate only in a roadway which is free of traffic.
  • In slow speed and by deviating sharply.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to deviate from the driving lane.
Category : Rules and Regulations


How does the braking system of a vehicle work?

  • Through the braking of the front wheels only.
  • Through the pressure created between the engine and the clutch.
  • By turning the engine opposite to its normal direction of turning.
  • Through the friction between the brake disc and the brake pads.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Drive normally. The drivers from the opposite direction should give you right-of-way.
  • Stay on the right of road and pay attention to incoming traffic from the opposite direction.
  • Stay on the right lane because overtaking is prohibited.
  • Drive faster in the narrow road section.
Category : Traffic Signs


In a properly functioning traffic light – how many times does the green light blinks before it turns yellow?

  • Four times.
  • Three times.
  • One time.
  • It varies according to traffic loads.
Category : Traffic Signs


Which vehicles can you drive with class B ?

  • Private vehicles and commercial vehicles with an all up weight of up to 4,500 kg.
  • Private vehicles and commercial vehicles with an all up weight of up to 3,500 kg.
  • Public vehicles, including minibuses.
  • Motorcycles with an engine power of up to 14.6 horse-powers.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Where should a panoramic mirror be installed in a bus?

  • In the back of the bus, so that the driver can see all the passengers.
  • In the front of the bus, so that the driver can see all the passengers.
  • In the center of the bus, so that the driver can see all the passengers.
  • There is no need for a panoramic mirror, as the bus already has enough mirrors.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Which of the following signs means: Barrier before a level crossing?

  • 404
  • 403
  • 113
  • 511
Category : Traffic Signs


What should you do when you are about to start driving after stopping or parking at the side of the roadway?

  • You should signal with your left hand and swiftly merge with traffic. .
  • You should, before starting to drive, signal and then get on the road quickly.
  • Make a left-signal and drive. The other vehicle should give you right-of-way.
  • You should signal appropriately and ensure that you can merge with the traffic without endangering other road users.
Category : Safety


When visibility on the road is poor, the driver should:

  • Slow down, adjust his speed to the visibility conditions and turn-on his dipped beam.
  • On a two-way road – slow down; and on a one-way road – continue driving normally.
  • Accelerate and turn-on the rear lights, to prevent collision with the vehicle driving behind.
  • Turn-on the high beam to extend the field of vision and warn the incoming traffic from your opposite direction.
Category : Safety


How should one refer to a pedestrian crossing that is divided by a traffic island?

  • The pedestrian crossing should be considered as two separate crossings only when a garden separates between them.
  • A pedestrian crossing that is divided by a separation area in regarded as one long crossing.
  • There is no difference between a divided and a non-divided pedestrian crossing. They are both regarded as one crossing.
  • A pedestrian crossing that is divided by a traffic island shall be regarded as two separate pedestrian crossings.
Category : Rules and Regulations


To whom should a holder of a driver’s license or vehicle registration report a change of address within 15 days?

  • The Ministry of the Interior.
  • The Ministry of transportation.
  • The Israel Police.
  • The court.
Category : Rules and Regulations


Is a driver permitted to send an S.M.S message from his phone while driving?

  • The driver is permitted to send and read S.M.S messages, provided that he does it with care.
  • He is permitted to send S.M.S messages but not to read ones.
  • It is absolutely prohibited, and dangerous.
  • He is permitted to read S.M.S messages but not to send ones.
Category : Rules and Regulations


“Beer is not considered as an alcoholic drink”:

  • Correct. Beer is regarded as an alcoholic drink, but it doesn’t influence driving at all.
  • Incorrect. The influence of beer is similar to that of any other alcoholic drink.
  • Correct. Beer is not regarded as an alcoholic drink.
  • Correct, but the influence of beer is different than that of other alcoholic drinks.
Category : Safety


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • No left turn.
  • No U-turn to the left during night time only.
  • A "u" turn at the nearest left turn is forbidden.
  • No U-turn to the left and no left turn.
Category : Traffic Signs


Is a taxi without passengers permitted to use a designated bus lane?

  • No.
  • Yes, but only on Saturdays and holidays.
  • Yes, on an urban road, provided that no traffic disturbance is caused.
  • Yes.
Category : Traffic Signs


What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

  • Slow down, rough road ahead.
  • Slow down because of road-works.
  • Slow down and cross the speed bumps With caution.
  • Slow down and prepare to bypass obstacles on the road.
Category : Traffic Signs


Under what condition is it permissible to install additional lamps to those already installed in a vehicle?

  • With the approval of the Licensing Authority only.
  • It is allowed to install additional symmetric lamps.
  • Provided that they comply with the new European standard.
  • Provided that they are installed by a certified electrician.
Category : Rules and Regulations


When is it permitted to turn on the fog lights?

  • Only in the dark.
  • Only in a condition of pouring rain, fog or snow.
  • Only during the winter.
  • Whenever the driver deems it fit.
Category : Rules and Regulations

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