As of November 1st each year, every commercial vehicle with an all up weight exceeding 10,000 kg should carry:

  • A certification that the lights system functions properly.
  • A certificate that it had passed a winter check or an annual test that was conducted on August or afterwards.
  • A certification that the steering system functions properly.
  • A spedometer calibration certification.
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The one of the functions of the grooves in the tyre tread

  • To facilitate water drainage between the road and the tire and to prevent engine wear.
  • To facilitate water drainage between the road and the tire and to maintain tire air pressure,
  • To facilitate water drainage between the road and the tire and to prevent tire wear.
  • Is too allow water drainage from the tire on wet roads and greater friction and contact with the road..
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According to the law, what is the validity period of demerit points incurred by a driver?

  • When the driver has up to 20 demerit points: Two years from the date of the offence.
  • When the driver has less than 12 demerit points: Six years from the date of the offence.
  • There is no determined period of time. The point-accumulation period is not mentioned in the regulations.
  • It is unlimited. According to the new “point system”, accumulated demerit points are not erased.
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What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Freeway without interchanges.
  • Entrance to a freeway.
  • Diagonal merging with a freeway.
  • End of freeway (Motorway)
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Should every road user obey the traffic signs?

  • Yes, while on the sidewalk only.
  • Yes, every road user should obey the road signs.
  • No, only vehicle drivers should obey the traffic signs
  • Yes, while on the road way only.
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Where in the vehicle should the fluorescent vest be kept (except for motor-cycles)?

  • In the driver compartment.
  • Next to the spare (reserve) wheel.
  • In the vehicle’s trunk.
  • In the vehicle’s engine.
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How would you respond to the indications in the following picture?

  • Swerve left and accelerate to avoid hitting passengers that are about to get out of the vehicle.
  • Continue driving normally.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop, in order to avoid hitting the open door.
  • Honk loudly and continuously and swerve left, to avoid hitting the opening door.
Category : Safety


What are you required to do when you notice the following traffic sign (in the picture) placed above your driving lane?

  • Slow down before the level crossing, and if a train is approaching - stop.
  • Do not enter this lane and do not continue driving in it.
  • Slow down before the level crossing and pass the tracks without delay or interruption.
  • Stop before the tracks until the train passes.
Category : Traffic Signs


What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • “Stop” sign ahead.
  • “Right-of-way” sign ahead.
  • Give right-of-way in the roundabout before you.
  • A distance of about 150 meters to an approaching roundabout.
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What should you do when approaching a railway crossing and a warning signal is given before you reached the crossing:

  • Stop and don’t continue driving.
  • Slow down only when a signaler turns on a warning signal.
  • Slow down only if you see an approaching train.
  • Ignore the signal and continue driving. You were there before the signal.
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What is the correct way for changing lanes?

  • Lane change should be done in two stages: First deviating and then signaling with the hand.
  • Lane change should be done in two stages: First deviating and then communicating with the other drivers.
  • You should pass to the other lane through the shortest diagonal distance and as quickly as possible.
  • First perform a check and glance at the mirrors, then check the lane you want to pass to, verify that you can pass to it and then deviate moderately (diagonally) to the other lane.
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How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to enter or cross the road?

  • Give way to the vehicles that are driving away from you in the road you are about to enter.
  • The rules for giving “right-of-way” in such an exit are identical to those that apply in the case of an intersection.
  • You must give way to vehicles coming from the right only.
  • Give-way to the approaching vehicles in the road you are about to enter.
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For what period is a carrier license given?

  • One year.
  • Five years.
  • The length of time depends on the type of freight.
  • Until the vehicle registration document is renewed.
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What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

  • Dangerous descent ahead.
  • Right curve followed by left curve ahead.
  • Winding road.
  • Instruction sign – hairpin curve.
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When are you obliged to stop before a railway crossing?

  • When a “railway crossing” sign is placed.
  • When a “right of way for crossing traffic” sign is placed.
  • You don’t have to stop. Stop at your own discretion when a train is seen and is approaching.
  • When the train is seen, heard or sounds a warning signal.
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What is a “private passenger car”?

  • A public motor vehicle, designed to carry eight passengers, licensed as a public vehicle
  • A private motor vehicle, designed to carry up to eight passengers, apart from the driver and stated on the vehicle license private vehicle.
  • A motor vehicle, designed to carry ten passengers, licensed as a private vehicle
  • A private motor vehicle, designed to carry at least twelve passengers, licensed as a private vehicle
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Is it permitted to make changes in the vehicle or driver’s documentation?

  • It is permitted only to highlight writings that were erased or made unclear over time
  • It is permitted only to add or change an address, in the main post office branch
  • It is permitted only to add the zip code of a residence address, in the main post office branch
  • No. Only the Licensing Authority is allowed to change details in these documents.
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Which of the following vehicles is allowed to drive against traffic on a one-way road?

  • Only security vehicles
  • Only private vehicles
  • Only vehicles with at least four passengers
  • Only bicycles and motorcycles
Category : Rules and Regulations


Under which conditions is it permitted to drive in reverse

  • Only with the condition that the driver is guided by a person that stands behind the car and is visible to him.
  • Only if the vehicle is close to the sidewalk.
  • Provided it is necessary and that no risk, interruption or disturbance is caused to any other road-user.
  • Driving in reverse is absolutely forbidden.
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The following illustration shows an intersection with traffic signs. What is the correct manner of making a turn from street A to street C?

  • From lane 2 to lane 3.
  • From lane 2 or from lane 1 to lane 3.
  • From lane 2 to lane 3 or to lane 4.
  • From lane 2 or from lane 1 to lane 3 or to lane 4.
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How would you conduct yourself when approaching an intersection with a yellow flashing traffic light?

  • Slow down and even stop if necessary - according to the surrounding traffic.
  • In any case – stop before the pedestrian crossing.
  • Speed up before the light turns red.
  • Slow down and give right-of-way to vehicles coming from your left only.
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Is it obligatory for vehicles to have a properly functioning speedometer?

  • No. It is not obligatory to have it functioning properly. It is enough if you drive according to speed limit.
  • Not always, only when a Techograph is installed in the vehicle.
  • No, it depends on the driver’s own discretion.
  • Yes, always.
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Which of the following sentences is correct as regards to other drivers?

  • You should assume that other drivers would always give you right of way.
  • You shouldn’t assume that other drivers will always give you right of way.
  • Truck drivers are professional drivers; hence they are less of a danger.
  • Drivers who turn-on the winker, always turn to the direction they signal to.
Category : Safety


A policeman may stop a vehicle and have it checked:

  • After the vehicle involuntarily swerved from its lane.
  • Due to the level of pollution emitted from the vehicle’s engine.
  • If he wants to esure that the vehicle’s oil consumption corresponds to the vehicle manufacturer’s manual.
  • If he wants to ensure that the vehicle’s fuel consumption corresponds to the vehicle manufacturer’s manual.
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During the vehicle’s annual test, the licensing facility shall register:

  • The number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle, as indicated on its odometer.
  • The number of traffic offenses perpetrated within the vehicle.
  • The number of seatbelts in the vehicle.
  • The number of head-rests in the vehicle.
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Are you required to give right-of-way to the cyclist?

  • No, because a non-motor vehicle should give right-of-way to a motor vehicle.
  • No, because bicycles are not given right-of-way.
  • No, because right-of-way is given to the vehicle that continues driving straight.
  • Yes, because the cyclist approaches from the right (1).
Category : Rules and Regulations


What is considered as a proper vehicle maintenance frequency?

  • As required, and according to the pace in which malfunctions are detected in the vehicle.
  • At the discretion of the vehicle’s owner only.
  • The maintenance frequency recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • As recommended by the insurance company.
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How should you conduct yourself on the road ahead?

  • Continue driving in your lane.
  • Use the fastest lane.
  • Stop until the arrow changes to green.
  • Pass to the adjacent right lane.
Category : Rules and Regulations


What would you do to achieve safe driving down a continuous steep slope?

  • Use the engine’s braking power by shifting to a lower gear and make only partial use of the brakes
  • It is not recommended to drive in a sharp descent for a long time.
  • You should rely solely on the engine’s braking power.
  • You should step on the brake pedal firmly and continuously to maintain the desirable speed.
Category : Know Your Vehicle


In what condition should the driver and vehicle’s document be kept?

  • The law doesn’t provide any explicit reference to this issue
  • It is enough if they are stainless and have a clear photo.
  • They should be kept at home, clean and readable at all times.
  • They should always be kept inside the car, clean and readable
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