When you are driving a truck down a steep descent:

  • Drive down on high gear and stop the vehicle every few kilometers.
  • Drive down on neutral gear and use the brakes according to need.
  • Drive in an appropriate low gear and make sure that the vehicle’s special deceleration mechanisms are operating.
  • The use of gears to brake the vehicle is of no significance.
Category : Safety


Why is a driver required to adjust his sitting position before starting to drive?

  • To prevent unnecessary leg pains that are a result of prolonged sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • To have good control of the vehicle’s operation, instruments and field of vision.
  • Only pregnant women are required to adjust their sitting position.
  • To have easier access to the radio or cellular phone.
Category : Safety


It is prohibited to start overtaking without verifying

  • Is it permitted? Will I manage to complete it safely, without any doubt?.
  • Does the road have a “hard shoulder”.
  • Does the insurance cover the damages in case of an accident?
  • What is the penalty for prohibited overtaking?
Category : Safety


“Drinking alcohol disrupts the coordination between limbs”: Correct or incorrect?

  • It depends on the driver.
  • Incorrect.
  • Correct.
  • It is sometimes correct.
Category : Safety


According to the picture, who of those involved should take measures to prevent an accident?

  • The vehicle and the pedestrian are far from each other; hence no measures should be taken.
  • The pedestrian should stop and allow the vehicle to continue driving.
  • The driver should slow down and even stop if necessary.
  • The pedestrian should walk faster and finish crossing.
Category : Safety


What should you do when your driving lane is blocked by the double-parked silver vehicle (marked with a circle)?

  • Slow down, allow the vehicle coming from the opposite direction to pass undisturbed, and then overtake the parked vehicle.
  • Signal with your headlight to the vehicle coming from the opposite direction and swerve quickly to the opposite lane, before it arrives
  • Stop behind the silver vehicle and wait for a policeman or an inspector.
  • Overtake the silver vehicle through the gap between it and the vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
Category : Safety


How will a dirty front lamp influence night driving?

  • It will affect the field of vision.
  • The field of vision will grow.
  • It will cause a dazzeling (blinding).
  • Dirt will have no affect on the rider ability to recognize problems.
Category : Safety


How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

  • Keep driving routinely when the road is clear.
  • Pass quickly next to the road sign.
  • Slow down and keep to the right; winding road ahead.
  • Honk before entering the curve.
Category : Safety


How should one drive on a flooded road?

  • Drive fast on high gear.
  • Drive slowly in low gear.
  • Drive fast on low gear.
  • Drive slowly on high gear.
Category : Safety


What problem faces a vehicle driver who is driving at a high speed?

  • His response time is decreased, and thus his driving becomes more dangerous.
  • There is no problem at all: Research work has proven that in high speeds driving is more calm and relaxed.
  • The driver has very little time to properly respond to road events.
  • The drivers response time is significantly lengthened.
Category : Safety


What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

  • It helps to escape quickly to the “hard shoulders” in case of danger.
  • It allows you to stay within the permitted distance of 40cm from the road’s edge.
  • There is no advantage in driving on the right side of the road, except for one-way roadways.
  • It reduces the response distance in case of immediate danger.
Category : Safety


You are driving a heavy truck down a steep and long descent. When should you shift to an appropriate low gear?

  • The gears are insignificant for slowing down, but you must use the speed retarders intelligently.
  • There is no need to shift to low gear. You should shift to high gear and regulate your speed with the speed retarder, to increase safety.
  • You should shift to low gear towards the end of the descent.
  • You should shift to low gear at the beginning of the descent.
Category : Safety


What conduct can be expected from the vehicles in the following picture?

  • To slow down at the entry to the sharp curve and keep driving on the far right of the roadway.
  • Only the dark vehicle is obliged to slow down before entering the curve.
  • The white vehicle shall stop on the right side of the road and give right of way to the dark vehicle.
  • The dark vehicle shall stop on the right side of the road and allow the white vehicle to proceed.
Category : Safety


While turning, what natural force pushes the vehicle against the direction of the turn?

  • Gravity.
  • Centrifugal force.
  • The force of inertia.
  • None of the natural forces affect the vehicle while turning.
Category : Safety


A panoramic mirror:

  • Is hard to adjust.
  • Does not correctly reflect the distance of the objects seen in it.
  • Is very flexible.
  • Is very expensive.
Category : Safety


The silver vehicle (1) exits from parking while driving in reverse. What would be your reaction?

  • Honk. Blink your headlights and continue driving.
  • Swerve to the opposite lane and continue driving normally.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop (2).
  • Block the silver vehicle’s driving lane and allow the red vehicle to get out.
Category : Safety


Which of the vehicles displayed in the picture is not parked correctly?

  • The vehicle parked while the pedestrian crossing is behind it.
  • Both of them are not lawfully parked.
  • The vehicle park before the pedestrian crossing
  • Both vehicles are lawfully parked.
Category : Safety


According to the following picture, is it permitted to deviate to the opposite lane?

  • Yes, the driver already looked at the mirror and nobody came behind him.
  • Yes, you can deviate to the opposite lane after glancing at the mirror, because no one drives behind.
  • Yes, if the winker is turned on, there is no need to glance at the mirror.
  • No, due to the double continuous separation line on the roadway.
Category : Safety


When driving in reverse:

  • You must use another person to guide you.
  • You must use another person to guide you on highways..
  • You must use another person to guide you during "lighting up time".
  • You are permitted to use another person to guide you.
Category : Safety


What measure is it important to take before stepping on the brake pedal in order to slow down or to stop?

  • Ease off the accelerator and shift to lower gear.
  • Check if there is a vehicle behind by glancing at the mirrors.
  • Step on the clutch pedal, to reduce the engine’s fuel consumption.
  • Signal and turn the wheel to the “hard shoulder”, to avoid rear-end collision.
Category : Safety


Driving on a wet road creates:

  • A danger of skidding and turning-over, as speed increases
  • A danger of sliding and rolling-over, which can be prevented by driving faster.
  • A longer response distance.
  • Vehicle roll-over due to slow speed.
Category : Safety


What is the speed limit for private vehicles on the following road section?

  • 80 k.p.h.
  • 50 k.p.h.
  • 90 k.p.h.
  • Less than 50 k.p.h.
Category : Safety


How does pedestrian behavior in the area of the intersection affect drivers?

  • Pedestrians have no significant effect on drivers.
  • The main complication in an intersection is created when pedestrians are crowded on the sidewalk.
  • Driver should anticipate in advance possible dangerous behavior from pedestrians in the area of the intersection.
  • Pedestrians occupy pedestrian crossings for significant time periods, thus causing traffic delays.
Category : Safety


How would you behave on the road ahead?

  • The number of lanes is decreasing; stay on your driving lane.
  • The number of lanes is decreasing; move to the right lane and keep to your right.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; choose the middle lane.
  • The number of lanes is increasing; choose the left lane.
Category : Safety


What should you do to reduce the effect of dazzle (blinding) during the dark?

  • Pull down the sunshade.
  • Keep the windshield clean.
  • Blind back the driver approaching from the opposite direction.
  • Wear dark sunglasses.
Category : Safety


How can we moderate a situation in which our vehicle skids on the road?

  • Through correct speed ,steering and a correct and early use of the brakes.
  • By strongly turning the wheel left and right, to stabilize the vehicle.
  • By holding the steering wheel firmly with both hands.
  • By stepping firmly and continuously on the brake pedal.
Category : Safety


How can you reduce the effect of being blinded by a vehicle approaching from your opposite direction?

  • By properly adjusting the headlights beam, and flickering to the driver in front.
  • By not looking into the blinding light, and by slowing down and driving on the right of the road.
  • By turning on the windshield wipers.
  • By adjusting the inside mirror to "night" position.
Category : Safety


What should a vehicle driver do in case of a strong side wind?

  • Slow down and adjust the driving speed to allow him to control the vehicle – .
  • He should avoid driving on roads with side winds, or he should otherwise stop on the “hard shoulders” until the wind fades.
  • Turn on the fog lights and continue driving normally.
  • Drive faster to avoid the side wind.
Category : Safety


What is the correct sentence according to the following picture?

  • The road tanker driver doesn’t keep to the right of the roadway, even though he can not see the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
  • The road tanker driver is driving far from the “soft shoulders” and in this way avoids risks.
  • The marking on the roadway is not clear enough.
  • The road tanker driver is driving correctly in the middle of the road, so that he can see better the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
Category : Safety


What is the order of actions to be taken in order to stop or park?

  • Check if it is permitted; make a peripheral check and slow down carefully.
  • The order of actions before parking is of no significance.
  • Slow down, deviate, stop and signal.
  • The order of actions doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do it carefully.
Category : Safety

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